The Wood County Criminal District Attorney’s Office, in cooperation with local law 
enforcement agencies and UT Health Quitman and Christus Mother Frances Winnsboro,
is sponsoring a “No Refusal Weekend,” July 2 nd – July 4 th , 2021. The 
enforcement strategy
is designed to crack down on intoxicated driving.

The plan of action is referred to as “No Refusal Weekend” because during
that weekend all suspected intoxicated drivers who refuse breath testing will
be subject to blood testing for alcohol and or drugs.
“The No Refusal Weekend is a joint effort between the Wood County Criminal District
Attorney’s Office, law enforcement and local hospitals, designed to bring to the forefront
the dangers of intoxicated driving. If this weekend causes motorists to think twice
before driving while intoxicated then we will have accomplished a great deal,” said
Wood County Criminal District Attorney Angela Albers.
Texas leads the nation in the number of alcohol impaired driving fatalities with more
than 1,300 people dying on Texas highways in 2019. Nationwide, more than 10,000
people died in alcohol-impaired driving incidents in 2019. The economic cost
nationwide for alcohol-impaired crashes was $44 billion.
The No Refusal Weekend is designed to address this significant problem. The Wood
County Criminal District Attorney’s Office will work with police officers to assist in
preparing search warrants for obtaining blood from suspected intoxicated drivers who
refuse to submit to the taking of a breath specimen. The hospitals will have nursing
staff available to draw blood from suspects taken to the facilities in Quitman and
Winnsboro. “It is our hope that Wood County citizens enjoy the 4 th of July weekend and
that they use good judgment by not driving while intoxicated, “ said Albers.
Additional patrols from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Mineola Police
Department, Quitman Police Department, Hawkins Police Department, Alba Police
Department, Winnsboro Police Department, Wood County constables and deputies
from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office will be out for the 4 th of July Weekend working to
keep Wood County citizens safe on the roads.