June 16

Deputy Michael Allison spoke to an individual on the phone regarding an assault that took place in the
Big Wood Springs area. The victim stated she would not be able to make the report in person because
she had somewhere to go. An incident report was taken and investigation pending the victim filing
Sgt. Heather Bailey and Deputy Linda Williams were dispatched to Wildwood Trail in reference to a
verbal dispute in progress. Upon arrival, the parties were separated and officers began talking to those
involved. The victim stated she was assaulted by her son the night before, and damaged her phone to
prevent her from calling 911. Robert Scott Stout, 33, of Holly Lake Ranch was arrested for Assault by
Deputy Andrew Rapp responded to CR 3277 in reference to a criminal trespass call with shots fired by
the property owners. The reporting party advised his wife was sitting on the porch when she heard
something moving around, and when he went outside he saw someone hiding behind his car. He said
he got a gun and fired a shot into the air to try and scare the individual. A description of the individual
was given, but officers were unable to locate anyone in the area.
Deputy Andrew Rapp was dispatched to CR 3909 in reference to a suicidal subject. Deputy Rapp was
able to get the individual to go with EMS to the hospital for evaluation.
Deputy Jonah Croney went to CR 1469 in reference to a criminal trespass incident. The reporting party
told Deputy Croney a pasture he was leasing was on fire and an individual on scene would not move
their vehicle so the fire trucks could enter when they arrived. All parties involved were advised to stop
contacting each other.
Deputy Andrew Rapp took a burglary report on PR 7477. The victim stated she left her purse in her
vehicle when she went into the residence. She said when she went to get it, she found it missing. The
report will be forwarded to CID for further investigation.
June 17
Deputy Andrew Morrison took a walk-in report of a theft of firearms. The reporting party stated he had
gotten pulled over by the police and when he went to get information out of the console of his vehicle,
he noticed the gun he had in there was missing. He then called his wife, to have her look for the gun at
home. It was at that time she noticed another gun missing from the residence. A report was forwarded
to CID for further investigation.
Deputy Michael Allison took a phone report of a theft on Hwy 37. The reporting party stated he asked a
friend to watch his dogs and some personal property while in the hospital. He then received a phone
call from the ASPCA stating they had his dog. When he got his property back from the friend, some
things were missing. He was advised to contact his friend and attempt to get the items back. If she
refused, he could contact Deputy Allison back and he would contact her.
Deputy Linda Williams responded to CR 3542 in reference to a runaway. The reporting party stated her
granddaughter stole her vehicle and left the residence. The granddaughter sent her a message later
telling her she would be with her boyfriend in Gilmer. Deputy Williams contacted Gilmer PD and passed
on the information. They then called back and stated they were unable to locate her but would
continue to attempt to find her. The granddaughter was put into the state reporting system as a
runaway and a case will be forwarded to CID for follow-up.
Deputy Cole Hudson was dispatched to CR 2195 in reference to illegal dumping. The reporting party
stated one of her employees went for a walk and came across multiple paint buckets thrown near the
creek bottom. She believed she knew who would have thrown the buckets there. Deputy Hudson made
contact with the individual’s wife who stated he knew about the buckets and once he had his shop
finished, he planned on storing the buckets there. He later stated the buckets were empty and were
nowhere near the water source and were on his property. At this time, there is no criminal offense.
Sgt. Heather Bailey took a theft call at the lobby of the Wood County Sheriff’s Office. The reporting
party said she had money in her wallet under the front seat of her vehicle. She said she noticed a large
amount of money missing. The reporting party did wish to pursue charges against whoever stole the
Deputy Michael Allison was dispatched to Hwy 80 in reference to a truck and trailer fire at a residence.
The homeowner was not home at the time of the fire. The Fire Department was able to put out the fire,
and the Fire Marshal was notified. The case will be forwarded to the Fire Marshall for further
Deputy McKenzie Chandler was on routine patrol on CR 2450 when he observed a vehicle with an
expired registration leave the paved surface of the roadway. Deputy Chandler made contact with the
driver. Deputy Chandler knew the driver to have a history of narcotics violations. He asked if there was
anything illegal in the vehicle. The driver replied his friend asked him to hold a container for her. The
container contained two baggies of methamphetamine. Justin Royce Bailey, 28, of Mineola was
arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1 >=1g<4g.
June 18
Deputy Jonah Croney conducted a traffic stop on FM 49. In speaking with the driver, she showed signs
of nervousness. Due to the nervous behavior, she was asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle
and was granted consent to search the vehicle. During the search of the vehicle, a wallet was located
under the driver’s seat. The walled contained multiple credit cards, a check book and identification for
another person. When asked about the wallet, the driver and passenger advised they found it at a game
room in Henderson, and they meant to turn it in, but forgot. After the stop, contact was made with the
owner of the wallet. She said she last saw her wallet at a game room in Henderson, and she believes it
was stolen. She identified the contents of the wallet, but added there was $400 in cash in the wallet.
The victim was advised to contact Henderson Police Department to file a report and that we would be in
custody of the wallet until further notice.
Deputy Jon Ritterbach took a report of a stolen vehicle in the lobby of the Winnsboro Police
Department. The reporting party stated he had a female staying with him for the past week. He said he
went to take a shower, and when he got finished, he noticed the female and his Jeep Liberty were both
gone. The female was not given permission to drive his vehicles. His cell phone and other personal
items were located in the vehicle. The case will be forwarded to CID for investigation and the Jeep was
entered into the state system as stolen.
Deputy Dustin Green was on patrol on Hwy 80. He initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle on a vehicle for
expired registration. When he made contact with the driver, he noticed a pipe used for smoking
marijuana. When Deputy Green had the driver get out of the car and explain he would be doing a
probable cause search of the vehicle, the driver admitted there was more marijuana in the car. During a
pat down search of the driver, a glass pipe containing methamphetamine was found in his shorts pocket.
At this time, the driver admitted to having methamphetamine in the car as well as two firearms. Dean
Leroy Hoffman, 49, of Longview was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1 >=1g<4g
and Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon.
Sgt. David Brown was dispatched to CR 4497 in regards to a suicide. After on-call CID and the Justice of
the Peace arrived, the body was released to the funeral home.
June 19
Deputy Jon Ritterbach was dispatched to Hwy 37 for an assault. Deputy Ritterbach met with the victim,
who stated her husband got mad because she asked him to stop yelling at the television and then taking
his marijuana from him. She said he then locked her in their bedroom. She attempted to call 911, but
he took the phone away from her. When she was finally able to get out of the room, she was trying to
go outside when he assaulted and shoved her. William Timothy Kessler, 63, of Winnsboro was arrested
for interference with Emergency Request for Assistance and Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family
Sgt. Austin Milbourn and Deputy Jon Ritterbach responded to CR 4651 regarding a disturbance with a
suicidal subject. The report was the suicidal subject was ramming vehicles on the property. They left on
foot into the woods prior to Deputy arrival. The individual was found and taken to the Emergency Room
for evaluation.
Sgt. Austin Milbourn and Deputy Jon Ritterbach were dispatched to a disturbance on CR 1583. Upon
arrival, they learned an assault had occurred between a man and his sister. The man said he was mad
over the sale of a house and not getting as much money as he thought he should have. Justin Curtis
Jackson, 50, of Alba was arrested for Assault by Contact Family/Household Member/Dating Relationship.
Sgt. Austin Milbourn was notified of a disturbance on CR 1583. The reporting party stated after the
police left the residence for an earlier assault, she was assaulted by her sister-in-law. The suspect was
mad that her husband had been arrested, and grabbed and shook the victim in her neck and upper chest
area. Sgt. Milbourn photographed the victim’s injuries. Due to the suspect having already left the
scene, the case was forwarded to CID.
June 20
No reportable offenses.
June 21
Deputy Corbin Hanner went to CR 2958 to take a theft report. The reporting party stated her mailbox
and security camera were missing. She stated she hasn’t checked the mail in a couple of days, so she
was unsure of when the box was stolen. A possible suspect was given. The case will be forwarded to
CID for investigation.
June 22
Deputy Michael Allison responded to CR 3542 for an assault. Upon arrival, he met with the victim, who
stated he was assaulted by a juvenile who he caught smoking marijuana in a car. Another individual on
scene attempted to calm the juvenile down after the assault, she was also assaulted by the juvenile.
The juvenile was processed by juvenile probation and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.
Deputy Michael Allison was dispatched to CR 2110 for a burglary. The individual had spoken with her
neighbor and knows who broke into her house. This case will be forwarded to CID.
CID Report for the Week of June 9 – June 22, 2021:
Cases referred to Grand Jury: 7
Warrants Saught : 10
Follow-ups Done : 47
Cases Closed/Inactive: 8
Current Active Cases: 44