May 13
Sgt. Austin Milbourn took a report of indecency with a child. In order to protect the identity of

the victims, no other information is being released at this time. This case remains under
investigation.Deputies Jonah Croney and Jon Ritterbach responded to CR 2121 after neighbors reported
hearing what sounded like a female being beaten. After speaking to all parties, it was determined
a mother and her juvenile daughter had been in a verbal altercation. The parties were separated
prior to the deputies leaving.

May 14
Deputy John Cooper was dispatched to CR 2311 for a theft report. The complainant advised his
wife had come home the day before to find a male and female in an SUV on the property. When
asked what they were doing, the pair advised they had been told by a third woman that they
could have the items on the complainant’s front porch. The couple put the items back on the
porch and left. At that time it was believed to be a misunderstanding. On this day, the
complainant had discovered his surveillance camera missing and wished to have a case opened.
Information regarding the missing camera, as well as the suspects’ description has been
forwarded to investigations for follow up.

May 15
Deputy McKenzie Chandler was dispatched to UT Health Quitman for a dog bite. The victim, a
three year old, was either bitten or scratched while playing with a small pug dog. The mother
wished only to have the incident documented. Chandler was able to verify the dog’s rabies
vaccination with the owner. This case is closed.

May 16
Deputy John Cooper took a report of indecency with a child. To protect the child’s identity, no
other information is being released at this time. The case has been turned over to the Criminal
Investigations Division.
Deputy Brad Cox was dispatched to FM 49 for an animal complaint. The reporting party stated
their neighbors were being physically abusive to their dog. Cox relocated to the neighbor’s
where he was able to observe the dog in question. He found no signs of abuse. This case is
Deputy Brad Cox was dispatched to PR 6482 for a criminal mischief report. A man advised his
mailbox and post had been damaged the previous night. He was upset because the suspect did
not bother to notify him of the damage. Cox was provided with the suspect’s information and
made contact with the woman by phone. She denied she was responsible. Deputy Cox was able
to observe tire tracks at the scene which appeared to match tire tread on a vehicle at the suspect’s
residence. The victim did not wish to pursue charges but did want repairs done. This case is

May 17
Deputy Dustin Green took a theft report from a resident of PR 5174. The man reported a red 65
watt Lincoln stick welder was missing from his storage building. The man’s brother was able to
provide vehicle information for a possible suspect. This case has been turned over for
Deputy Dustin Green was dispatched to a residence at Holiday Villages for a theft report. A man
stated he was unable to locate his two wallets. He described the first wallet as containing his
driver’s license and credit cards and the second wallet as containing a large amount of cash. The
man was also able to provide information regarding a possible suspect. This case remains under
Deputy Andrew Rapp took a report of a stolen firearm from a resident of CR 2540. The gun is
described as a Ruger .380 semi automatic pistol valued at approximately $400. The reporting
party was also able to provide information regarding possible suspects.
Deputy Jon Ritterbach was dispatched to a work site behind a residence on FM 69 in reference to
a medical emergency. Workers were setting absorbent booms across a pond into which oil had
leaked. One of the workers was found floating face down in the pond. He was rescued and
resuscitated by his co-workers. The man was breathing on his own and talking prior to being
transported by EMS.
Deputy Michael Allison was dispatched to CR 2330 just after 1:00 a.m. for a house fire. The
home’s owner reported that he was out of bed due to having trouble sleeping when he smelled
smoke. The source of the smell was found to be a window a/c unit which was on fire. All of the
home’s occupants were safely evacuated. This case will be turned over to the county’s fire

May 18
Deputy Dustin Green was dispatched to CR 4200 just before 9:30 p.m. for a report of criminal
trespass. The reporting party stated he had observed a vehicle parked at his gate flashing a
spotlight. Walking toward the vehicle, he saw a man on his property near his horses. The man
got in to a vehicle and left the scene but not before the property owner was able to record his
license plate number. While checking on his horses, the owner noticed several electric fences had
been torn down. Fortunately, the man had installed cameras on his property due to ongoing
problems and was able to provide photographs of the suspect(s) complete with time stamps. This
case has been forwarded to an investigator for follow up.
Deputy Andrew Rapp was dispatched to CR 2431 for a report of a dog bite. The victim stated he
was bitten on the arm the previous day, while he was mowing, by the neighbor’s one year old pit
mix dog. The man stated the dog is not aggressive but does get excited when it wants to play. It
was during this excitement that the dog accidentally bit the man’s arm. He requested the dog not
be allowed to roam free. Deputy Rapp spoke also with the dog’s owner who advised she did not
know if the dog had been vaccinated for rabies or not. She was advised to take the dog to a
veterinary clinic for a 10 day period of quarantine.
Deputy Andrew Rapp took a theft report via telephone from a man who owns a car shop on US
Hwy 80 west. The man reported several items missing from his shop including floor jacks, tools,
an engine hoist and a motor stand. The value of the missing items totals approximately $1,500.
The victim also provided suspect information. This case has been turned over for investigation.

May 19
Deputy Andrew Morrison was dispatched to FM 1795 in reference to a possible terroristic threat.
A man claimed he was threatened by his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. The threat followed
arguments between the two men via Facebook Messenger. The reporting party wished only for
extra patrol for his residence and to have the incident documented.
Deputy Cole Hudson was dispatched to the emergency room at Trinity Mother Frances in
Winnsboro in reference to an assault which took place earlier in the day. The female victim had
visible bruises to her nose and leg as well as a bruised and possibly broken wrist. The assault
occurred at a residence on SH 37 in the Winnsboro area. The victim stated her husband became
upset after she asked him to help around the yard. This case has been forwarded to CID for
follow up.
Deputy Linda Williams was dispatched to FM 1799 to take a report of a disturbance that
occurred on FM 1801. Two women fought each other after the boyfriend of one of the women
intimately touched the other woman while she slept on the couch. The boyfriend stated he
mistakenly thought the woman asleep on the couch was his girlfriend. Two witnesses at the
scene backed up the man’s story. After interviewing all parties, Payton Hill, 17, of Mineola was
arrested and transported to jail. She is charged with Assault, causes bodily injury.