May 3
Sgt. Austin Milbourn was performing traffic control in the area of SH 154 and FM 1483 in the
Yantis area after a large tree fell across the roadway as a result of recent storms. During the
traffic control, a vehicle traveling at highway speed had to abruptly stop to avoid hitting
emergency vehicles (with lights activated) parked at the scene. Milbourn made contact with the
car’s driver and noted he had bloodshot, glassy eyes. There was also an odor of marijuana
emitting from the car. The driver admitted to drinking and smoking and when asked, admitted
there was marijuana inside the vehicle. Field sobriety tests were administered which resulted in
the driver’s arrest. The vehicle was released to the female passenger. Dustin Santizo Samoyoa,
20, of Tyler was cited for Driving Under the Influence-minor and was jailed on a charge of
possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.
May 4
Deputy Jon Ritterbach took a report of a dog bite that occurred at a residence on CR 2100. A 65
year old man sustained damage to his nose, mouth and chin. The man was at the residence to
check on a church parishioner when the dog jumped up to “say hello” and inadvertently scraped
the man’s face with his teeth. The man received treatment at the hospital. The dog was found to
be current on its rabies vaccination and will home quarantine for 10 days.
May 5
Deputy Cole Hudson was dispatched to Pay ‘N’ Save in Alba in reference to an assault which
occurred on PR 5883. Hudson met with the victim who had been bandaged up by an Alba PD
officer. The female victim stated her boyfriend had arrived home intoxicated and she noticed
damage to his truck. Upon asking what happened to his truck, the male suspect asked the woman
to leave but took her phone and purse. An altercation ensued during which the woman was
placed in a chokehold. The woman also suffered a deep laceration on her arm. The woman
declined EMS but stated she did wish to pursue charges in the matter. Attempts to locate the
suspect were unsuccessful. The woman relocated to her son’s house for the night.
Sgt. Heather Bailey took a report of fraud from a Winnsboro woman. The victim stated she had
been made aware that someone had opened fraudulent accounts in her name. An incident report
was completed.
Deputy Linda Williams was dispatched to CR 1750 in reference to a report of animal cruelty.
The report was regarding 5 horses. Williams located the horses and noted that one of them
appeared to be a much older horse that was thin. The other four appeared healthy. The horses had
food and water accessible to them. Speaking with the horses’ owner, Deputy Williams learned
the older horse struggled with digestive problems and was vetted regularly. An incident report
was completed and this case was closed.
May 6
Deputy Linda Williams took a report of Criminal Mischief in the Yantis area. The Blue Ice
Machine, located at the intersection of FM 515 and FM 17, had been defaced. Unknown
person(s) had written a derogatory comment in black marker on the machine. The owner advised
clean up would be easy but did wish to pursue charges in the case that a suspect was identified.
Photographs were taken at the scene and the case remains open.
Deputy Corbin Hanner took a report of a dog bite on CR 4837. A 12 year old female was bit on
the inside upper arm and hand by her neighbor’s dog. The girl reportedly chased the dog and
grabbed its collar prior to being bitten. The dog’s owner provided current vaccination records.
The child was taken to the hospital for treatment.
May 7
Sgt. Austin Milbourn and Deputy David Tipps responded to a report of a disturbance on CR
2540. A Jeep had been crashed into a tree on private property. The car’s occupant explained that
the driver had been drinking and suddenly started “acting crazy” and crashed the Jeep into a tree
on their landlord’s property. The driver was arrested after he made threatening comments to the
property owner. Randy Carl Potter, 27, of Mineola was charged with assault by threat. He was
transported to jail without incident.
Deputy Dustin Green took a report of theft from a resident of Holiday Villages. The man stated
things have been coming up missing at his house for the past two weeks. The stolen items
include cash, fishing equipment, and tools. This case was forwarded to an investigator.
Deputy Jon Ritterbach was dispatched to a residence on CR 4510 in the Winnsboro area in
reference to a disturbance. The reporting party stated she was in the process of moving out of her
boyfriend’s parent’s house when an argument ensued over her asking the boyfriend for money to
buy diapers for their child. The boyfriend became enraged and put a 4’ piece of PVC pipe
through the woman’s car’s window. The woman also claimed to have been held down on the bed
and choked during the melee. Despite her claim, the woman refused to complete paperwork in
the Family Violence Packet, stating she did not want the man to go to jail. She also recanted her
story of him putting his hands around her neck. The woman’s family arrived and helped her
move her belongings. This case has been forwarded to investigations for further review.
May 8
Deputy Jon Ritterbach took a report of theft of fencing material from a resident of CR 3580.
Approximately 110’-130’ of fencing material had been taken. Information was provided to the
deputy regarding the description of a suspect vehicle as well as the occupants of said vehicle.
This case has been forwarded to investigations and remains open.
Deputy Jonah Croney took a report of a dog bite that occurred on CR 3940 in the Hawkins area.
A five year old male child sustained bite injuries to his cheek. The mother reported he had been
playing with a Chow on the back patio when he pulled the dog’s tail causing the dog to bite.
Unable to provide proof of rabies vaccination, the parents were issued a citation for failure to
vaccinate. The dog will be home quarantined for 10 days.
Deputy Jonah Croney was dispatched to the FM 49 area of Mineola for loose livestock. A horse
had escaped its pen and was in a neighbor’s back yard. While Croney attempted to locate an
open gate, the horse managed to get to FM 49 and continued to the corner of FM 49 and FM 312
where it entered the substation yard. The horse was retrieved by a roper and transported to the
Winnsboro Sale Barn.
May 9
Just before 1:00 a.m., Deputy Dustin Green initiated a traffic stop after observing a vehicle fail to
signal a turn. During a consensual search of the driver, Green found a round black container
which contained suspected methamphetamine. The driver was taken into custody and a probable
cause search of his vehicle was completed. Drug paraphernalia was found. Clifford Alan Plant,
61, of Winnsboro was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1, one
gram or more but less than four grams.
Just before 1:30 a.m., Deputy David Tipps initiated a traffic stop after observing a vehicle with
an expired temporary tag and a defective brake lamp showing white light to the rear. The driver
was found to have no valid driver’s license. He was placed under arrest and a wrecker was
dispatched for the car. During an inventory of the vehicle, prior to its removal, a pill container
was located which was found to contain suspected methamphetamine. Also located was a glass
pipe with suspected meth residue. James Mancini McEntire, 51, of Hawkins was arrested and
charged with Possession of Controlled substance, Penalty Group 1, less than one gram. A verbal
warning was given for the initial violation.
Deputy Andrew Rapp was dispatched to the Budget Inn on Hwy 80 near Mineola in reference to
criminal mischief. The owner of the property stated the door to one of the motel’s rooms had
been kicked in by a man during the midst of an altercation between the man and a female
occupant of the room. The property owner advised the replacement cost for the door is $230 plus
labor cost. This case has been forwarded for additional investigation.
May 10
Deputy Michael Allison took a theft report from a Mineola woman who stated she had ordered a
Straight Talk cell phone, valued at $65, and the phone was to have been delivered in November
of 2020. The woman received a message from FedEx that her phone had been delivered to her
address but she was unable to locate it. The woman further stated she had been in contact with
Straight Talk during the last few months and simply wanted to make a report for the purpose of
receiving a replacement phone. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes
and the case was closed.
May 11
Deputy Linda Williams took a report of Identity Theft from a Yantis woman. The woman
advised someone had opened three accounts in her name. Williams gathered information
regarding the fraudulent accounts and completed an incident report for documentation purposes.
May 12
Deputy Jonah Croney took a report of forgery from a Hawkins man. The victim stated he had
discovered four blank checks had been stolen from him. The discovery was made after two
unauthorized checks had been cashed on his account totaling approximately $400. The man was
able to provide information regarding suspects. This case has been forwarded for additional