April 29
Sgt. Jeremy Smith was dispatched to CR 2941 in reference to a suspicious person. Sgt. Smith did not locate the suspect vehicle in the area, but as he was patrolling, he located it at the intersection of Hwy 69 and FM 779. When contact was made with the driver, Sgt. Smith smelled the odor of marijuana and observed a clear container with marijuana inside. Also in the vehicle were 3 loaded handguns. Phillip Keith Ellison, 40, of Cedar Park was arrested for Possession of Marijuana <2oz and Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. Deputy Jon Ritterbach assisted Sgt. Investigators Jeremy Ragsdale and Justin Bowring on Wildwood Trail. While doing investigative work, a warrant was confirmed on the subject they had made contact with. Gabrielle Leeann Hayes, 28, of Holly Lake Ranch was arrested for Out of State Warrants. Deputy Jon Ritterbach responded to CR 3600 in reference to a possible theft. He met with Constable John McQueen on scene. The groundskeeper of the property informed them of a lock that had been cut on a gate, and that the gate had been bent. The groundskeeper gave possible suspect information. The case will be forwarded to Investigators. Deputy Jon Ritterbach was on patrol on Hwy 80 when he observed a female walking her bike down the shoulder. The female appeared to be exhausted, and Deputy Ritterbach did a welfare check on her. She was given assistance in getting a ride to Tyler, where she was living.

April 30
Deputy John Cooper was dispatched to Hwy 37 for a theft of a firearm. When he arrived on scene and
spoke with the reporting parties, getting the necessary information for a report. When he arrived back
at the Wood County Sheriff’s Office, he spoke with the CID Captain. They were able to determine the
firearm had been located on an individual that was arrested last month. The owner was contacted
about the location of the firearm. They also informed Deputy Cooper that they had another firearm
stolen, that they had just noticed missing. A report will be forwarded to CID for further investigation.
Deputy Michael Allison responded to Lamplight in reference to a runaway. Deputy Allison spoke with
the father of the juvenile, who stated he went to bed the night before, and when he woke up, his
daughter was gone. He stated he noticed his vehicle was also missing. Later in the day, The reporting
party called back stating they located the juvenile in Terrell.
Sgt. Austin Milbourn was dispatched to a disturbance on Hwy 154. The reporting party stated his son
had been at the location, and had caused damage to two vehicles with a post and then rammed another
vehicle with his vehicle. The case was forwarded to CID for further investigation.

May 1
Deputy McKenzie Chandler was dispatched to CR 2427 in reference to a disturbance in progress. Upon
his arrival, Deputy Chandler spoke with the victim, who stated she and her fiancé were having issues.
She said she went to her friend’s house to cool off, when she heard her fiancé yelling for her outside
. A
Physical altercation occurred when she went outside. The case will be forwarded to CID for
investigation since the suspect was no longer on scene.
Deputy Cole Hudson responded to CR 1685 in reference to a suspicious person. The reporting parties
stated an unknown male entered their residence uninvited. A neighbor also observed an unknown
person with a flashlight running from the residence. The area was searched, but nobody matching the
description of the suspect was located.
Deputy Michael Allison was dispatched to CR 2308 for a theft report. When he arrived at the residence,
no one was home, so he attempted to make contact by phone. Later, Deputy Allison received a call
from the reporting party stating his truck had been broken into at some point overnight. He also
advised he only wanted an incident report filed, and no criminal investigation done. At the request of
the reporting party, the case was closed.
Deputy Linda Williams responded to CR 1970 in reference to a disturbance. He was advised both parties
were separated at this time. Once on scene, the reporting party stated she and her husband had been
arguing all weekend. She attempted to leave when another person advised her husband she was
leaving. At that time, her husband assaulted her. Willie Terrell Rigsbay, 38, of Mineola was arrested for
Assault Causes Bodily Injury – Family Violence.
May 2
Deputy McKenzie Chandler was on routine patrol when he observed a man walking down the road,
walking on the wrong side of the roadway and attempting to get a ride from people passing by. Deputy
Chandler stopped to check on the individual. Joshua Scott, 29, of Golden was arrested for Public
Deputy John Cooper and Deputy Linda Williams were dispatched to CR 4137 for a disturbance. Upon
arrival, the suspect stated he and his girlfriend where having an argument and that his girlfriend left. He
also advised that he told his girlfriend if she didn’t shut up, he was going to slap her, and that it almost
became physical. Robert Lee Greene, 27, of Leonard was arrested for Terroristic Threat of
Deputy Cole Hudson was on patrol on Hwy 154 when he conducted a traffic stop for a safety violation.
The driver advised the information on his driver’s license was no longer correct. Deputy Hudson asked
him to step out to update the information in the Wood County Sheriff’s Office system. Deputy Hudson
asked him to empty his pockets to ensure he didn’t have any weapons. The driver removed two clear
baggies with methamphetamine in them. Due to the driver having drugs on him, the vehicle was
searched. Inside the vehicle, multiple baggies containing miscellaneous pills were located as well as
drug paraphernalia. Austin Allen Rice, 26, of Mineola was arrested for Possession of a Controlled
Substance PG 1 <1g. The passenger of the vehicle was issued a warning and released at the scene.
May 3
Deputy Jonah Croney was dispatched to CR 2388 in reference to a disturbance in progress. Once on
scene, Deputy Croney spoke with an individual who stated his daughter and her girlfriend were fighting
in the roadway. Before the deputy arrived, they left the location. The reporting party stated they fight
like that often, and avoid police. There was no good contact information for the involved parties.
Deputy Rapp issued three criminal trespass warnings for a property on CR 2373.
Deputy Jonah Croney was patrolling CR 1950 when he noticed a vehicle parked in the roadway. Due to
the vehicle being in the roadway, it was towed by the on-call wrecker.
Deputy Andrew Rapp took a phone report of a criminal mischief. The victim stated he let his ex-
girlfriend borrow his car. While the car was parked at her residence, another person began to destroy
the vehicle, causing over $1000 in damage to the vehicle. The case will be forwarded to CID for further
May 4
Deputy Dustin Green was dispatched to Mother Christus Hospital in Winnsboro in reference to a dog
bite. He met with the mother of the juvenile victim, who stated that she fed her dog, and her child got
too close to the bowl. The dog snapped at the child, causing bite marks. The dog has current
documentation of vaccination and will be quarantined for 10 days.
Sgt. Jeremy Smith responded to CR 2164 in reference to a criminal trespass. The reporting party advised
it was evident someone had broken through the wall of a building on his property, and made entry into
the building. He attempted to repair the damage, and someone pulled down the barrier and made
entry again into the building. The property owner was able to provide possible suspects for the
burglary. The case will be forwarded to investigators for follow-up.
May 5
Deputy Michael Allison was dispatched to CR 2774 in reference to a theft. The reporting party stated
she looked in her jewelry box and noticed she had jewelry missing. When she asked her live-in
boyfriend about it, he admitted to stealing the rings, and having pawned them. The case will be
forwarded to CID for further investigation.