Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

12/18/13 through 12/22/13


December 18

Sgt. Sam Threadgill was dispatched to an address on CR 2290 for a burglary of a building. The complainant reported a diagnostic tool missing from his garage. Replacement value of the tool (including the software programs it contained) is listed as $7,800. There was no forced entry noted as there was no door on the garage. Several other expensive tools located in close proximity remained undisturbed. This case was forwarded for continued investigation.


Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to Hwy 182 for a complaint of criminal mischief. According to the reporting party, unknown person(s) ignited a stack of green hickory fire wood which had caused fire damage to a fabric chair and a dog bed at the family’s cabin. This case has been forwarded to investigations.


December 19

Deputies answered a total of twenty calls including two reports of cows out, two reports of phone harassment, a report of suspicious activity and a suspicious vehicle and two reports of a vehicle blocking the roadway.


December 20

Deputy Steven Fields was dispatched to an address on CR 1903 for a burglary of a habitation. The complainant stated that he had come to check on the residence of his recently deceased friend after the complainant’s son’s suspicion was aroused after seeing a car slowly cruising the neighborhood. The complainant arrived to find glass broken in the back door and subsequently called to report the breach. Fields determined the front door of the residence to be secure and making his way around the residence, observed the damage to the back door which had been described by the complainant. Once inside the residence, it was obvious to Fields that all the drawers had been opened and rummaged through. It was not readily apparent if anything was missing from inside. Outside Fields observed the locks cut on two storage buildings but was unable to determine if anything was missing. Contact was made with family members who will examine the residence and storage sheds to determine what, if anything, was taken. The case is now in the hands of an investigator.

Deputy Kevin Atkinson took a report of theft from a complainant who resides at Holiday Villages. According to the complainant, multiple rings were missing from her home. The home is currently for sale and has been shown by the realtor on multiple occasions making it hard to pinpoint the exact date of the theft. The missing rings are valued at $11,800. The case was forwarded to CID and remains under investigation.


Deputy Tony Ingram took a report of criminal mischief from a complainant on CR 2906 who stated that his 1966 Ford Mustang had been “keyed” and some type of chemical had been wiped all over the car. The complainant estimated the cost to repair all the damage would be $25,000. Information was noted regarding a possible suspect and the case was forwarded for additional investigation.


December 21

Deputy Tony Ingram took a report of criminal trespass from a complainant with property on FM 14. The complainant stated that he does not currently reside at the residence and has posted several no trespassing signs about the property. According to the complainant, he had mounted a game camera to see if anyone was going onto the property and the camera had captured an image of a person who was known to him along with an unknown female.  The complainant also stated that a shed on the property had been burglarized earlier in the year but he did not report it. The man stated that he wished to pursue criminal charges against the man for criminal trespass. The case was assigned to an investigator.

December 22

Deputies answered a total of ten calls including a report of criminal mischief, a noise disturbance, a report of a reckless driver, a complaint of suspicious activity and a complaint of a suspicious person.

Call Summary

Alarm (6)

Burglary of a Building (2)

Burglary of a Habitation (1)

Child Abuse (3)

Civil (1)

Cows Out (5)

Criminal Mischief (4)

Criminal Trespass (5)

Dispute (3)

Disturbance (4)

Dog Bite (1)

Dog Problem (2)

Domestic Disturbance (1)

Explosion (1)

Horses Out (2)

Hospice Death (1)

Incident (7)

Information (1)

Inquest (1)

Noise Disturbance (1)

Phone Harassment (5)

Prowler (2)

Public Intoxication (1)

Reckless Driver (1)

Request to Speak to Officer (2)

Scam (2)

Sex Offender (1)

Shots Fired (1)

Structure Fire (1)

Suicide (1)

Suspicious Activity (3)

Suspicious Person (2)

Suspicious Vehicle (5)

Terroristic Threat (1)

Theft (1)

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle (1)

Vehicle Blocking Roadway (5)

Warrants (1)

Welfare Check (2)


Total Calls      91

Call Summary by Area


Alba                 5

Hawkins         12

Mineola          23

Quitman         26

Winnsboro     12

Yantis            13


Current Jail Population    104

Males          89                                                                                                            Females       15

Bookings         20

Releases          26