One person is dead after an ultralight aircraft crashed Thursday morning in Mineola.

The ultralight went down just west of Wisener Field Airport in Mineola moments after takeoff. The accident occurred around 8:30 a.m.

The ultralight hit a tree and crashed to the ground, catching fire. A witness says it may have been a crosswind that caused the crash.

"He said he was going to go up and see how the winds were," the witness explained. "He took off and he veered to the right and he descended down and veered back to the left and hit the throttle again. He banked shorlty toward the right and hit the trees. One wing hit the tree and the other went over the trees, spun, and hit the gorund, then fire erupted. I jumped in my vehicle, hopped the fence, and pulled him from the wreckage.

Dwayne Hawkins Jr. was pronounced dead at the scene. Friends knew Dwight as "Dee". The exact cause of the accident is unknown.