The Wood County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday that recent burglaries at Lake Brenda are limited to two, each occurring early Monday morning.

Sheriff Jim Brown said firearms were taken from two vehicles and a garage was entered after the opener was found in one of the vehicles. Nothing was taken from the garage.

Sheriff Brown did say, however, that there has been a recent increase in the number of "smash and grab" burglaries on vehicles in the Clear Lakes and Lake Lydia area of Quitman. Brown says the thieves drive into an area and look into parked vehicles for personal belongings. If they see something they want, they smash the window and grab the item.

The Sheriff recommends people not leave firearms, computers, cameras, or other items visible in vehicles overnight. Brown says people should also mark their property and record serial numbers.

The Sheriff’s Department has obtained leads from neighborhood cameras and encourages the public to report suspicious vehicles in their residential area.