Sheriff’s Report

1/18/13 through 1/23/13


January 18


Lt. Robert Holland took a report from an employee of Wood County Electric in reference to copper wire that had been stolen from three separate locations in Wood County. According to the employee, a total of 1,500 feet of wire had been stolen from locations on CR 3836, CR 3832 and CR 3830. Investigators are currently developing leads in this case as well as other recently reported copper thefts.


Deputy Aaron Warren was dispatched to a location on FM 514 in the Yantis area in reference to a burglary of a habitation. The complainant advised Deputy Warren that he had just returned to his weekend property after a two week absence to find the door to his guest cabin kicked in and items missing. The property owner also reported several tools missing from a shop building on the property. Serial numbers were taken and area pawn shops are being checked for the stolen items.


January 19


Deputies Kevin Atkinson and David Hitt responded to a report of a disturbance in progress at a location on CR 4918 in the Quitman area. Upon their arrival, they were advised by a female that she had been pushed by her brother-in-law in the midst of a domestic dispute. Deputies were further advised that the brother-in-law resides at the residence but had left the scene after making statements in which he threatened further violence. This case has been turned over to Investigator Kyle Henson for further investigation.


Lt. Robert Holland and Deputies Aaron Warren and Heath Richardson were dispatched to a location on CR 1855 in the Yantis area in reference to an Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Upon their arrival, deputies were informed that a man had been stabbed during a dispute at another location and had been transported to this location to await EMS. The injured man was subsequently airlifted to Tyler for treatment of his wounds. This case is active and ongoing. No other information can be released at this time.


Deputy Aaron Warren was dispatched to a location on FM 515 in the Lake Fork area in reference to criminal mischief. Upon his arrival, the complainant advised Deputy Warren that he had observed one of his two landlords tear his mailbox from its pedestal and throw it on the ground. Statements could not be obtained from the landlords as they had departed the scene prior to the deputy’s arrival. Photos were taken of the pedestal and mailbox. The case has been referred to CID (criminal investigation division).


Deputy Kevin Atkinson took a report in reference to a possible scam. The complainant advised Deputy Atkinson that he had been receiving numerous calls from the Harrison County Jail about an inmate who wished to speak with him. The man stated that he did not know anyone in Harrison County and was worried that the calls could be a scam. Deputy Atkinson then called the Harrison County Jail and was informed that Harrison County had been receiving a large number of reports of call forwarding scams. The man was advised to hang up on any such calls and attempt to call his phone provider to have the number blocked.


Deputy Aaron Warren responded to a boat launch area on SH 154 in the Lake Fork area in reference to shots being fired. Two fishermen advised Deputy Warren that they had been fishing in a boat on the lake when they heard gunshots and observed three male subjects standing near a residence on the shore and shooting in their direction. The men further stated that the shots hit the water within 10 – 30 feet from their boat. The complainant accompanied Deputy Warren to the location where he had observed the three men but the deputy was unable to locate anyone. The area was photographed and local Game Wardens were also notified of the situation.


Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to a location of FM 2966 in the Quitman area in reference to a theft. The complainant advised the deputy that a homemade deer stand had been stolen from the rear of his property and further stated that oil company workers are the only ones with immediate access to that area. This case has been turned over to investigators who will attempt to develop leads.


January 20


Sgt. Tim Baucom was dispatched to a residence on CR 4490 in reference to a disturbance in progress. Upon his arrival, Sgt. Baucom was met at the front door by a woman who stated that her husband had shoved her to the floor causing her to injure her hand and leg. Sgt. Baucom observed the injuries described by the woman and subsequently arrested the husband for assault with injury, family violence. This case was referred for prosecution.


January 21


Deputy Bradley Armendariz responded to a call on CR 2195 in reference to a dispute. Deputy Armendariz spoke with a woman at the scene who reported that she was having trouble with her adult son who was also a resident of that location. Deputy Armendariz provided the son with a courtesy transport to several friends’ homes, all of whom were unwilling to allow the man to spend the night. He was then transported back to his mother’s residence and advised to remain in his room for the night.


Deputy Dustin Moffett met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office who advised him that someone had used her bank account number and her bank’s routing number and written a check to a retail chain store in another state. The complainant further advised that she had a suspect in mind and gave solid reasoning behind her belief. All the information in this case has been passed on to CID investigators who will attempt to locate the suspect.


Deputy Bradley Armendariz was dispatched to a residence in the Mineola area in reference to a possible suicide. When Deputy Armendariz arrived, he met with EMT’s who advised him that the victim was deceased upon their arrival. CID Investigator Carolyn Tanner and Sheriff Jim Brown were also notified and responded to the scene. An autopsy was ordered by Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Wes Criddle. No other information can be released at this time as no final determination has been made as to the manner of death.


January 22


Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to the Wood County Sheriff’s Office lobby where he met with a complainant who advised him that she had been assaulted the previous day by her husband. The woman also stated that she had waited until this time to report the assault because she feared for the safety of her children as well as herself. Photographs were taken of the woman’s injuries and have been forwarded to an investigator who will continue to work the case.


Deputy O’Grady responded to a location on Highway 80 in the Mineola area in reference to a burglary of a building. The complainant advised Deputy O’Grady that someone had stolen saddles and numerous other items from her horse barn. This case has been forwarded to CID investigators who are actively pursuing leads in the case.


January 23


Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to a reported structure fire on CR 4930 in the Quitman area. Upon the deputy’s arrival, he encountered a mobile home burning with flames approximately 20 feet above the roof. There were no fire department apparatus on the scene at the time. Hearing what appeared to be movement in the home, Deputy South kicked open the front door and announced his presence. Finding no one inside, the deputy exited the structure to await the fire department’s arrival.


Deputy Heath Richardson responded to a location on SH 37 north of the Quitman area in reference to an oil well fire. Multiple fire departments were dispatched and able to contain the fire.


CID investigators have had a busy week. Sgt. Kyle Henson worked an aggravated sexual assault of a child case which required multiple adult and child interviews at the Northeast Texas Child Advocacy Center. Sgt. Henson also arrested one juvenile.


Investigator Brian Andrews was able to close 6 cases and is actively working 3 additional cases. Sgt. Andrews has identified a suspect in a burglary of a motor vehicle case and is looking into possibly filing unlawful restraint charges against another person who held two subjects while displaying a handgun, making a “citizens arrest” based only on suspicion which turned out to be unfounded. Sgt. Andrews was also able to arrest Leslie Ann Anders, 41, of Winnsboro for theft of property, over $500, less than $1,500 on a warrant obtained by Garland DPS auto task force and related to a trailer theft case that was jointly worked by both agencies.


Investigator Carolyn Tanner is working 42 open cases and picked up another 14 this week. Sgt. Tanner was able to recover stolen property from a Wood County business burglary and several Van Zandt County burglaries with the assistance of constables from Van Zandt County. Sgt. Tanner also made an on-site arrest for possession of a controlled substance, less than one gram, during the process of recovering the stolen property. Additionally, Sgt. Tanner is working the stabbing case from the weekend and is awaiting autopsy results in a separate case.


Call Summary for 1/18/13 through 1/23/13


911 Hang Up                                                   1

Agency Assist                                                   5

Alarm                                                               3

Animal Bite                                                       1

Animal General                                     2

Assault                                                 3

Assault by Contact                                                1

ATV on Roadway                                              1

Burglary of a Building                                    2

Burglary of a Habitation                                 2

Child Abuse                                                     1

Child Custody                                                  3

Civil                                                                 6

Counterfeit Money                                     1

Cows Out                                                        5

Criminal Mischief                                               3

Criminal Trespass                                               1

Cruelty of Animals                                                4

Deadly Conduct                                               1

Dispute                                                 5

Disturbance                                                      4

Dog Bite                                                           2

Dog Problem                                                    8

Elderly Abuse                                                   1

Fail to Register as a Sex Offender                       1

Forgery                                                            1

Found Property                                                3

Harassment                                                      2

Horses Out                                                       6

Information                                                       3

No Insurance                                                    1

Noise Disturbance                                          2

Other                                                               2

Phone Harassment                                          1

Possession of a Controlled Substance                     1

Reckless Driver                                                2

Request to Speak with Officer              5

Scam                                                                3

Sexual Assault of a Child                                 2

Shots Fired                                                       1

Structure Fire                                                   3

Suicide                                                             1

Suspicious Activity                                     9

Suspicious Person                                      1

Suspicious Vehicle                                     2

Terroristic Threat                                      2

Theft                                                                3

Theft of Copper                                                1

Traffic Stop                                                      2

Transport                                                         2

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle             1

Warrants                                                          1

Welfare Check                                     3


Total Calls                                                      133


Call Summary By Area

   Alba              10

   Hawkins            10

   Mineola            29

   Quitman               36

   Winnsboro   18

   Yantis             21                                           


Current Jail Population            85

            Males                           70

            Females                       15

Bookings                                  27

Releases                                   32