Released by the Office of State Rep. Dan Flynn

AUSTIN - Across the country, the current administration's talk of new government restrictions on private citizen gun ownership has created a record-setting growth in gun sale.  Many states have reported "traffic jams" in background check systems as tens of thousands of Americans line up to purchase firearms at gun stores. With the President threatening the use of "executive orders" to reel in gun ownership rights and the recent tragedies in Colorado and Connecticut filling the country with emotion reaction, gun rights, gun accessibility and the ability for citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment right has started a national conversation among legislators and private citizens alike.

"My constituents have been very vocal in their opposition to any threat of infringement on their 2nd Amendment rights," said Representative Flynn (R - Van). "It is clear, if this administration should exercise an executive order and severely limit the rights of citizens to own guns, there will be a national uproar, the loudest voice being from Texas."

Prior to the beginning of the 83rd Session, Representative Flynn filed two pieces of legislation that increased the accessibility of CHL permits and the opportunity to acquire a lifetime CHL permit (HB 47 & HB 48). "This is not about 'gun rights' it is about my rights and the rights of my constituents," says Rep. Flynn, "The Second Amendment allows my fellow Texans to live free and be able to protect themselves from harm and from a government that tries to overextend their authority. Any piece of legislation that increases the protection of private citizens and their right to gun ownership, I will support." Representative Flynn is continuing to review and consider legislation that protects 2nd Amendment rights.

According to FBI statistics for 2011, there were more than 10 million violent crimes committed in the United States.  An excerpt of a recent article reviewing the report states the estimated number of violent crimes in 2011 declined for the fifth consecutive year. Property crimes also decreased, marking the ninth straight year that the collective estimates for these offenses declined.  During that same period, gun sales accelerated every year over the previous year nationally, while in states where tight gun control laws hinder the sale and ownership of firearms, violent crimes have risen precipitously.  In response, State Representative Dan Flynn reaffirmed his stance, "The more guns in the hands of honest, well trained, law-abiding Texans, the less crime."