Released by the office of State Rep. Dan Flynn

Representative Dan Flynn began his 6th term as State Representative of House District 2 this afternoon during the official swearing ceremony of the 83rd Legislature . Representative Flynn was surrounded by friends and family as he was sworn in.  "It is an honor to represent House District #2 for another term," he stated as he left the House floor with his family.

Guests in attendance included family members including his wife Susan, son Josh, daughter Tammy, his sisters and other relatives.  Special Guests included Van Zandt County Judge Rhita Koches, Terry and Debbie Driggers of Hunt County, and Commissioner Virgil Melton of Van Zandt County.

Representative Flynn, a supporter of the Governor's Budget Compact, was appreciative of the Speaker of the House and Governor Perry's speeches and emphasis on the needs of the state including school funding, funding the state's water plan and maintaining a limit on spending.  "I am encouraged by the vision of Speaker Straus and Governor Perry for this upcoming session and their commitment to addressing the important needs of Texans. I look forward to supporting the efforts most valued in House District 2."  With realignment last legislative session, House District 2 now is made up of Hunt, Van Zandt and Hopkins Counties.