State Representative Bryan Hughes is expected to withdraw from the Texas Speaker of the House race in days to come.

In a statement posted below, Hughes backs Representative David Simpson’s filing for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives:


“I wholeheartedly endorse my friend David Simpson for Speaker of the House. David is uniquely qualified to lead the House at this pivotal time in our history. David Simpson has earned his reputation as an eminently fair, highly principled, and hardworking legislator.

He has demonstrated that he has both the courage to stand alone and the wisdom and humility to build broad coalitions. These are sorely lacking in politics today, and necessary to accomplish the great work of the Texas House.

For some months now I have been traveling the state and visiting with my fellow State Representatives, with candidates, and with our employers: the people of Texas. After countless meetings and conversations, I am more convinced than ever that we need new leadership in the Texas House. I am also convinced that the strongest candidate to bring in that new leadership is David Simpson.

So I urge all of my colleagues and soon-to-be colleagues in the Texas House to give David their full support. I know that a growing number of us are already behind David, and I am confident that the House is well on its way to having a new Speaker.

I owe a tremendous debt to hundreds of Texans who have helped me in this campaign. So many have prayed for us, have volunteered, have contributed financially, and helped us in a host of other ways. I am very thankful for this overwhelming backing, and I humbly ask for all of my friends to give David Simpson their full support.”