Jon Feil

Four people have now been arrested and two more are being sought in a counterfeiting scheme in Mineola.

Police say Jon Feil was picked up this week in Tyler, and was taken into custody. Larry Hooks, Joshua Stine and Timothy Pugh have also been arrested.

According to Mineola Police Captain Joyce Box, the Mineola Police Department took several reports during the months of August and September of counterfeit money being passed around the city.

The case was unraveled when a suspect was kidnapped and shot in the leg after giving a man a counterfeit bill.

“A Crime Stopper tip revealed to Police that Joshua Stine was shot for his involvement in the counterfeit scheme,” said Captain Box. After Stein was shot he revealed to the suspects where the counterfeit money was made.”

During the investigation it was discovered that the counterfeit money was being printed in Mineola by multiple suspects. It was also revealed that Stine was held against his will by Larry Hooks and Dennis Woods after passing Hooks the money. Hooks attempted to pay for gas with the ten dollar bill and it was determined the money was counterfeit. Hooks said he got the money from Timothy Pugh who admitted he was given the money by Josh Stine.

Warrants were issued for Forgery Government/Money/Securities on Andrea McClain and Jon Feil. Aggravated Kidnapping warrants were issued on Larry Hooks and Dennis Woods. An Aggravated Assault warrant was also issued for Woods. Warrants were issued for Timothy Pugh and Joshua Stine for Possession and Passing of Counterfeit Money.

Police are still searching for Dennis Woods and Andrea McClain. If you know where these criminals are contact the Mineola Police Department.

The U.S. Secret service is participating in the investigation.