A permit to proceed with the Keystone XL Pipeline has been denied.

The Obama administration has denied Transcanada's application to build the 1,700 mile pipeline that would run from Canada to Texas including parts of East Texas.

In a statement President Obama explained that the decision resulted from a deadline established by Congressional Republicans that presented "full assessment of the pipeline's impact."

Today's decison does not prevent Transcanada from reapplying for another permit.

U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling said today that this decision is a big hit to job creation.

“His policies have failed, it’s a new year. It was an opportunity to try new policies, and after studying Keystone for three years, 20,000 shovel ready jobs just got buried.  Canada has energy and jobs that could be destined for the United States of America, and this administration has just decided that instead they should be destined for China. It’s a sad day for struggling American families who want jobs.”