Released by the Office of U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling



WASHINGTON – Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) – a leading conservative

and chairman of the House Financial Services Committee – released the following

statement today regarding President Obama’s trip to Texas.

“Despite being in Texas over the course of a couple days to round up campaign
cash, the President’s schedule takes him no further south than Austin, and ultimately, he
will not see firsthand how Texas is at the forefront of a national immigration and humanitarian
crisis – created in large part by the actions of his Administration creating the impression
that any minor who makes it to our country will be granted semi-permanent or permanent asylum.
“Now the President has come to Congress with an emergency funding request to help clean up
the situation he fundamentally created.  Given President Obama’s lack of priority in enforcing our
nation’s existing immigration laws, Congress cannot and should not rubber stamp this
Administration’s $3.7 billion request which gives priority to dealing with the repercussions of this
self-inflicted crisis over preventing and eliminating the underlying causes  - which are an unsecured
border and a failure to enforce our immigration laws.
“While the White House has pulled together an ad hoc roundtable event in Dallas and invited
Governor Perry to participate, I have low expectations that this will result in more than lip service
to the larger problem. As President Harry Truman said, ‘The buck stops here.’  The President is the
Chief Executive of the United States and therefore has the power and obligation to secure our border
and address this situation that is hurting everyone and helping no one.
“When the President Obama gets serious about securing the border, enforcing our nation’s immigration
laws, and truly addressing this crisis, House Republicans stand ready to work with him.”