Released by the Tyler Police Department

The Tyler Police Department is pleased to announce that starting Monday, June 23, 2014 citizens will be able to monitor traffic enforcement locations through Facebook Monday through Friday.

Police Chief Gary Swindle notes that, "Our goal is to improve the safety of motorist by reducing traffic violations. Motorist awareness and following traffic laws can drastically reduce citations and keep our community safe."

Anyone can access this information and provide feedback through the Facebook page:  Tyler-City Police Department.<>

Daily posts will include locations and times of enforcement actions.  Your daily commute can be more informative by "liking" the Tyler-City Police Department.

"We are a community partner with the citizens of Tyler and this interactive communication is another step in our effort to keep up with growing technology and better serve the community," said Swindle.

For more information, be sure to "like" the Tyler-City Police Department on Facebook.