Released by the Tyler Police Deartment



Tyler Police also would like to remind the citizens that the discharge of firearms into the air in celebration is a violation of the law.  The act of discharging a firearm in the air is seen by some as a harmless expression of their parent culture or of good cheer.  The reckless use of any firearm is hazardous, and the act of indiscriminately discharging a firearm in celebration is not as harmless as some believe.

Celebratory Gunfire, that is, shots fired in the air, has caused injury, death and property damage world-wide.  Any falling object of sufficient mass accelerated by gravity alone has the potential to cause serious injury or death. There are several documented instances of citizens being killed by gunfire in the United States alone.


The Tyler Police Department reminds everyone that all unauthorized fireworks are prohibited in the City of Tyler unless you have obtained a special permit from the City.


Tyler Police Department will participate in the 'No-Refusal' DWI Campaign once again this year.  Upon the arrest of a suspected drunk driver, he or she will be asked if they would submit to a breath or a blood test.  If the driver refuses and says "No" officers will obtain an immediate search warrant signed by a judge on call to have blood drawn by a nurse on staff at the Smith County Jail.