Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

07/18/13 through 07/24/13


July 18

Deputy William Burge took a report of harassment from a complainant at Holly Lake Ranch who stated that he and his wife had been having trouble with one of their neighbors for several years. The complainant went on to explain that the neighbor drives past their residence when they are outside and curses at them and harasses them and on this date, while they were walking their dogs, the neighbor had swerved at them while driving her golf cart and caused them to become alarmed. The complainants stated that they did wish to pursue criminal charges for harassment.Written statements were taken from the complainants and the case remains open.


Deputy Austin Cryer took a report of criminal mischief from a complainant on FM 778 who stated that he had gone outside approximately 11 p.m. in response to his dogs barking and had discovered that someone had damaged the door handle of his car in an apparent attempt to break in prior to being scared away by the dogs. Information was recorded regarding a possible suspect and the case has been assigned to an investigator.


Deputy Chris Turner took a report of identity theft from a resident of CR 4960 who stated that he had noticed a suspicious transaction in excess of $1,200 on his credit card.  The charge was from a Target store in Connecticut. The case has been forwarded to CID for further investigation.


July 19

Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to ETMC Quitman emergency room for an assault report. Richardson made contact with the victim who stated that approximately 8:00 p.m. the previous evening he had been walking home from the library down FM 778 when he noticed a truck parked on CR 2124 with a man standing beside it. The complainant further stated that as he got closer to the truck the man approached him and asked him if he had a problem. He answered the man “no” and began to walk away and as he did so, the man punched him in the face causing him to lose his balance and fall backwards to the ground. His attacker then got into the pickup and fled the scene. The complainant did not feel his injuries were serious enough to require medical attention at the time, but had now decided to seek treatment due to still being in pain. Information regarding the description of the man and the pickup were recorded and photographs were taken of the man’s injuries. The case is now in the hands of investigators.


July 20

Deputy David Hitt took a report of criminal mischief from a complainant on CR 4536 who stated that someone had slashed all four of his truck’s tires during the night.  Hitt observed that the tires appeared to have been stabbed with an unknown object and were now damaged beyond repair.The tires were valued at $825. The complainant further stated that during the same time his tires were slashed, someone had unplugged his travel trailer causing approximately $60 worth of food to spoil. Information was recorded at the scene regarding a possible suspect and the case is now under investigation by CID.


Deputy David Hitt took a report of livestock theft from a complainant with property on CR 4621. The complainant stated that sometime in the past 7 days several head of cattle had come up missing from his property. Missing was a 4 year old Black Angus bull, a 3 year old cow and a 4 month old calf. Total value of the missing animals was listed as $3,250. The case has been forwarded for additional investigation.


Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to a residence on CR 3560 for a burglary report. The complainant stated that when he and his wife arrived at their residence, they discovered that the front door had been entered with force. Items missing from inside the residence include a pair of Bushnell binoculars, a pink antique pitcher, two china plates and a wooden nail barrel. Several other items in the residence had been moved around but were not taken. The complainant also stated that wires had been cut and removed from a well outside and a storage building on the property had been entered. Access was gained by the suspect(s) cutting the lock off. Missing from the storage building was miscellaneous hand tools and a Craftsman circular saw. Several items had also been moved around but were not taken. Also taken from the property was the radiator from a 9N Ford tractor. This case was forwarded to investigators who will work to development suspect(s).


July 21

Deputy Kevin Atkinson initiated a traffic stop in the area of FM 17 and CR 1921 after he observed a vehicle with a non-functional tail light. After contact was made with the driver, it was determined his license was suspended with a surcharge due. Rodney Lynn Thompson, 32, of Yantis was arrested for driving while license invalid and transported to jail without incident.


Deputy Donivan South took a report of criminal mischief at the Alba-Golden school after unknown person(s) entered the football field with a vehicle and drove in circles at a high rate of speed causing damage to the field. South observed two sets of tire tracks – one that appeared to be from a truck and one that appeared more like ATV tracks.  There were also several tire tracks left in the campus parking lot. Photographs were taken and will be forwarded to investigators.


July 22

Deputy Josh O’Grady took a theft report from a complainant who stated that his wallet had been stolen from his pickup while it was parked at the Alba-Golden School during the weekend. The complainant further stated that he and a friend had gone to the school to play basketball and had left the windows on his pickup rolled down while they were inside. They returned later to discover both of their wallets were missing. The complainant advised that he simply wanted it documented that his wallet was stolen. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes.


Deputy Josh O’Grady took a report of burglary of a motor vehicle from a woman who stated that her car had been broken into at Holly Lake Ranch on July 7th while she was at the swimming pool. The woman also stated that she had observed two males acting suspicious and playing on the basketball court near them. Missing from the car was a Kindle Fire tablet and a Samsung Galaxy tablet. O’Grady recorded model and serial numbers and forwarded the case to investigators.


Deputy Austin Cryer initiated a traffic stop in the area of FM 14 and FM 2659 after observing avehicle with a non-functioning license plate light. Cryer made contact with the driver of the vehicle and a check through dispatch showed the man’s license was invalid. Kevin Lee Fellows,45, of Hawkins was arrested for driving while license invalid with a previous conviction and transported to jail without further incident.


July 23

Deputy William Burge took a report of burglary of a habitation from a complainant on CR 3220 who stated that someone had entered his mother’s residence sometime in the past three weeks and removed an old .22 caliber rifle. The point of entry appeared to be the front door of the residence as damage was noted to the jam and door’s edge. The complainant further stated that his mother does not currently reside at the residence and he is only at the property occasionally. Deputy Burge observed vehicle tracks in the grass that appeared to be fresh. Photographs were taken and forwarded to an investigator who will continue to work the case.


July 24

Lt. Robert Holland, Deputy David Hitt and Investigator Kyle Henson responded to an address on Sioux Street in Holiday Villages in response to a 911 call from a woman who stated she had been assaulted by her husband. The woman’s call was disrupted when her husband unplugged the phone cord. The suspect was seen fleeing the scene in a small car as officers were arriving and despite an effort to catch up to him, they were unsuccessful. Lt. Holland observed marks on the woman’s neck where she had apparently been choked. According to the woman, her husband had become angry when she refused to let him take their two small children fishing without her. A family violence packet was completed but the woman stated she did not want to have a protective order issued to her husband and wanted him to return home when he had calmed down. A warrant is expected to be issued for the husband’s arrest.


Deputy Brad Cates responded to a deadly conduct call at a residence on CR 2906. The complainant stated that his wife had grabbed a loaded 9mm handgun and pointed it at his chest. The woman was apparently upset because she mistakenly believed her husband had taken her ID and was keeping it from her. The couple’s 6 month old child was in the room during the confrontation. The complainant was able to call his parents to come assist him and when they arrived, the suspect fled in her car. Deputy Cates filled out the necessary family violence paperwork with the complainant, who also requested a protective order for the residence and his place of employment. The case has been assigned to an investigator.


Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to Bass Homes on Hwy 69 for a theft report. The complainant stated that a 5 x 13 flatbed trailer loaded with two pallets of landscaping rock had been stolen from the property. The value of the stolen property totaled $1,300. The case is now in the hands of investigators.


CID Summary

On July 25th a traffic interdiction team of the Sheriff’s Office, led by Captain Miles Tuckerarrested Felipe Serrato and Beatrice Rodriguez of Kaufman. Investigators had been conducting an investigation into the individuals regarding delivery of methamphetamine into Wood County. Investigators set up a traffic interdiction on Hwy 80 and made contact with the individuals,leading to their arrest. Serrato and Rodriguez were charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver - over 4 grams, under 200 grams - which is a first degree felony. Approximately 30 grams of methamphetamine was found in the vehicle and confiscated.Investigators also seized a vehicle and a large amount of cash as a result of the arrest.



Call Summary

911 Abuse (1)

Abandoned Vehicle (1)

Accident Minor (1)

Agency Assist (9)

Alarm (11)

Animal General (3)

Assault (2)

Assault by Contact (4)

Attempted Suicide (1)

Bridge Jumpers (1)

Burglary of a Building (1)

Burglary of a Habitation (3)

Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (1)

Child Custody (4)

Civil (8)

Cows Out (8)

Criminal Mischief (5)

Criminal Trespass (6)

Cruelty of Animals (1)

Death Notification (1)

Dispute (7)

Disturbance (6)

Dog Problem (5)

Domestic Disturbance (1)

Drug Offenses (1)

Dumping (2)

Explosion (1)

Fraud (1)

Harassment (3)

Horses Out (7)

Identity Theft (1)

Incident (6)

Information (3)

Injury to a Child ()

Inquest (3)

Noise Disturbance (3)

Phone Harassment (3)

Request to Speak to Officer (12)

Runaway (1)

Scam (1)

Shots Fired (1)

Suspicious Activity (5)

Suspicious Person (3)

Suspicious Vehicle (6)

Terroristic Threat (2)

Theft (10)

Theft of Livestock (1)

Traffic Stop (4)

Transport (3)

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle (2)

Warrants (4)

Welfare Check (8)



Total Calls188


Call Summary by Area


Alba  14

Hawkins 35

Mineola 41

Quitman    45

Winnsboro    34

Yantis   19


Current Jail Population116


Females           22