The Van Zandt County Historical Commission will host a celebration at the County Courthouse on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 to mark the 165th anniversary of the formation of Van Zandt County. The event will kick-off at 9:00 a.m. in County Judge Rhita Koches’ courtroom on the second floor where a short ceremony will be held.  

Display cases and tables will line the courthouse hallways where artifacts and photographs representing life in Van Zandt County during the last 165 years will be displayed.   Items used in everyday life such as farm implements and tools, a spinning wheel, a rolling pin, a hand-cranked sewing machine, shaving mug and brush, quilts, embroidery, grinding stone and more will be presented. Actors in period costumes, including American Native, will be on hand and even a wagon and team of mules are planned.  

Other tables will provide information on the Van Zandt County Genealogy Library, American Natives, rural schools, Black schools, the first families of Texas, and the Van Zandt County Historical Commission.

A birthday cake is planned and refreshments will also be served throughout the day.

“The Van Zandt County Historical Commission invites everyone to join us in this celebration and learn the history of Van Zandt County and its early pioneers,” said VZCHC Chairman Tim West. “Van Zandt County was created March 20, 1848 by the Legislature of the State of Texas. This day is meant to honor our forefathers and to educate current generations on a past way of life,” West stated.