General Store Rules

The KMOO General Store is FREE but there are a few rules:

Note: You must join the HERD to post items.

1) Private listings only, no businesses*.
2) Limit of three listings per household per week.
3) Users offering dogs or cats for sale will be banned.
4) Illegal items or services are prohibited.
5) KMOO reserves the right to remove inappropriate listings and ban users.
6) Scams are out there. Please be cautious suspicious emails.

* This includes "hobby" businesses. If you are receiving money on a regular basis for a product(s) or service, even if it is not your primary source of income, it is considered a business. You may be subject to federal income and state sales tax as well as licensing and documentation requirements. While KMOO is not responsible for individual content, KMOO WILL cooperate with authorities investigating fraud and abuse.
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2015-05-06Farm and Ranch
2015-05-05Garage Sales
May 16th at the Wood Co. Extension Office in Quitm ...
2015-05-05Household Items
73" TV and commercial glass
$200 to $250, two bucklings and one doeling.
Livestock guard puppies, one girl and four boys av ...
2015-05-04Household Items
Rare Find $145.00 FIRM