Dr. Richard Ingrim of Cozby Germany Hospital in Grand Saline has been fired.

According to Ingrim, former Chief of staff of the hospital, he along with other employees have been terminated between Thursday of last week and yesterday. In reference to the number of people fired from the hospital, Ingrim said that "the last count was around twenty-five."

Dr Tariq Mahmood is currently leasing the hospital which was formerly owned by citizens of Grand Saline. According to Dr. Ingrim both Mahmood and the hospital Administrator, Sean Astolfo are behind the firings. Ingrim said he was fired directly by Mr. Astolfo who told him he was being terminated "because of what [Astolfo] thought had been inapropiate actions because [they] had been actively trying to move things in more of a positive manner at the hospital."

Ingrim  said that he believes that the terminations are directly related to the administration no longer wanting any influence of previous leadership. Many of the individuals who were let go were employed under previous ownership and have voiced displeasure with the current administration.

When asked about the state's response to the happenings of last week Dr. Ingrim noted that "We're just not getting anyone to believe the bazarness that is going on at this facility."

Dr. Ingrim said that "it is a little difficult to maintain patient care when you are not getting the proper supplies."

Ingrim continued to say that Astolfo "keeps trying to tell [them] that they were paying the bills [but] they were not paying the bills and that is the crux of the problem."

The firings at Cozby Germany hospital have many Grand Saline Citizens outraged. According to former hospital staff memeber Cynthia Garcia, a petition started by former hospital staff and citizens to remove members of the Hospital Board is in the works as well as a town hall meeting to discuss the issue.

Dr. Ingrim says that he will continue to practice medicine from his clinic but "no longer has any professional responsibilities to Cozby Germany Hospital."

KMOO has attempted to contact Mr. Astolfo and Dr. Mahmood several times this week for their side of the story and our phone calls have not been returned.

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KMOO had a chance to speak with Dr. Ingrim Tuesday. Below is the interview in full.

Listen to the entire interview here: {enclose cn_dr_ingrim_Interview.mp3}