Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

07/16/14 through 07/22/14


July 16

While on routine patrol just after 3:00 AM, Deputy Kevin Atkinson encountered a vehicle blocking an intersection on FM 182 near CR 1616. Examination of the vehicle revealed the lone occupant to be passed out in the driver’s seat. Atkinson was eventually able to arouse the white male who was disoriented and had no idea where he was or why he was there. The man was also found to be in possession of a substance which tested positive for methamphetamine. Clinton Eugene Sharp, 39, of Mineola was arrested and transported to jail. He is charged with possession of a controlled substance, penalty group one, over one gram, under four grams.


Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to Holly Lake Ranch in reference to a report of indecent exposure. According to several witnesses, a man had been exposing himself at the swimming pool and had since left the area after being confronted by security officers. Moffett obtained statements from the witnesses, as well as the identity of the suspect and the case has been forwarded to CID for continued investigation.


July 17

Sgt. William Burge was dispatched to a residence on CR 4200 for a burglary. Burge met with the complainant who stated that sometime in the last four months, someone had kicked open his front door to gain entry. Several items were missing from inside the home including a Texas Rangers commemorative rifle, a custom fishing rod and reel and several power tools. The man further explained that he never uses the front door and had only discovered the damage when he noticed boxes were out of place. Burge recorded information about a couple of possible suspects and forwarded the case to an investigator.


July 18

Deputy Aaron Warren took a report of theft from a man who reported he had taken an ATV to a man on CR 3230 approximately one and a half to two years ago for the purpose of having it repaired.  The complainant further stated he has made several attempts over the past year to get the ATV back from the man but has been unsuccessful. Deputy Warren made contact with the repairman who stated he was currently out of town for three days but would make contact with the complainant upon his return. This case was forwarded to CID after the suspect failed to make contact with the complainant as promised.


Deputy Terri Altman initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle in the Yantis area after witnessing the driver fail to signal a right turn. The driver of the vehicle advised Altman she did not have a driver’s license and a routine check of the woman revealed her license was indeed suspended. A routine check of the male passenger revealed he also had no valid driver’s license. The vehicle was released to a wrecker service and the passenger left the area on foot. Kara Matthews, 29, of Yantis was arrested and transported to jail. She is charged with driving while license invalid, first offense.


July 19

Deputy Terri Altman was dispatched to Oak Ridge Marina at Lake Fork just after 6:00 AM to meet a complainant. The woman advised Altman she had been at an all night party and had gotten into a physical altercation with her boyfriend after which she was asked to leave the residence. The woman complied, leaving in her vehicle headed home to Emory. According to the woman, she failed to stop at the intersection of FM 288 and FM 182 and drove her vehicle off the roadway and through a fence. EMS was called to check the woman’s medical condition. She refused transport to the hospital and stated she did not wish to pursue charges against her boyfriend for injuries sustained in the assault. Altman drove the woman to the scene of her wrecked car where they were met by a DPS trooper. The vehicle was towed from the location and Deputy Altman provided the woman with a courtesy ride to Rains County.


Deputy Terri Altman took a report of phone harassment from a Yantis woman who stated she has received over 100 phone calls in the past two days. Despite the calls coming from several different numbers, the woman stated she recognizes the voice as being the same in all the calls. The male caller states the woman has been approved for a loan but according to the complainant she has not requested a loan and asked the caller several times to stop contacting her. Altman recorded the phone numbers from which the calls originated and the case has been forwarded to CID.


Deputy Aaron Warren took a report of phone harassment from a man on Hwy 37 who states he has received multiple phone calls from his ex-wife that are harassing in nature. The man further stated the harassment also occurs whenever the woman sees him and his girlfriend in town. According to the man, the woman calls them both vulgar names and also drives by making obscene hand gestures. The complainant was advised to contact law enforcement at the time the events take place. Warren was also able to view the man’s cell phone call log which showed several incoming phone calls from the suspect. This case has been forwarded to CID to determine if criminal charges can be filed.


Deputy Austin Cryer was dispatched to the Lake Winnsboro Marina where a complainant advised his 11 year old granddaughter had been approached by a man who grabbed her arm and pulled her aside for the purpose of taking her picture with his cell phone. The young girl had been playing with several other children her age at a nearby camper trailer when the incident occurred. According to the young victim, she screamed at the man to stop but he did not and even showed her the picture afterward, telling her he was sending it to his wife. According to the girl’s grandfather, he had confronted the man about taking the photograph but at the time of the confrontation did not know the man had used force to separate the girl from her friends. A witness advised the man, described as being over six foot tall and heavily tattooed about the arms, had left the area in a pickup along with his family. A description was recorded of the suspect’s vehicle. Deputy Cryer spoke by phone with the young victim’s mother who stated she did wish to pursue charges if the suspect was located. This case remains under investigation by CID.

July 20

Deputy Aaron Warren took a report from two separate complainants at an address on CR 2430. Both complainants advised their vehicles were burglarized during the overnight hours. The first complainant had an iPad Air tablet and a black plastic humidor containing various cigars stolen from his pickup. The second complainant was missing a black flight bag containing Bose aviation headphones. Both complainants stated their vehicles were left unlocked. This case has been forwarded to CID for investigation.


Deputy Austin Cryer took a report of burglary of a vehicle from a man who stated he had parked his vehicle at his father-in-law’s business, Franklin’s Boot Shop, on CR 2303 overnight and returned to find his Coleman lunch box, which had been sitting in the passenger seat, missing. The man further advised the lunchbox had contained his employer-issued cell phone.  According to the victim, the vehicle had been left unlocked due to it being parked inside a fenced area. This case has been assigned to an investigator.


Sgt. Chris Turner and Deputy James Hildebrand were dispatched to a residence on CR 2375 in reference to a disturbance in progress. The deputies were informed a man with a gun was trying to get into the residence. According to the gun-wielding suspect the residence belonged to him and he had since put the gun back in his vehicle. After speaking with two females and one male at the residence, it was learned that there has been an ongoing dispute between all the parties due to past and present relationships among them. None of the parties wished to pursue any charges in the matter. One of the men was issued a criminal trespass warning at the request of the homeowner.


July 21

Deputy Justin Wallis took a scam report from a man who resides on PR 6646 who stated he was contacted by phone by a man representing himself as being with the District Attorney’s Office. According to the caller, the complainant had warrants issued for his arrest by Pay Day Loan and stated if the man did not provide his credit card number for payment, they would proceed with charges. The complainant complied and provided his credit card information but later became suspicious and called the District Attorney’s office only to learn there were no warrants for his arrest. According to the complainant, he had already contacted his bank to cancel the credit cards. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes.


Sgts. Sam Threadgill and William Burge, Lt. Kelly Smith and Deputy Donivan South responded to an address on CR 1500 in reference to a disturbance. Upon his arrival, Sgt. Threadgill observed Sgt. Burge speaking with several individuals and noted two of the women were arguing with each other. Despite Sgt. Burge placing himself between the women in an attempt to separate them, one of the women managed to strike the other one in the face. At the victim’s request, the woman was issued a citation for Class C assault.


July 22

While on routine patrol just after 10:00 PM, Deputy Kevin Atkinson initiated a traffic stop on a pickup pulling a trailer due to the trailer’s rear lights being out. Approaching the vehicle, Atkinson noticed the pickup did not have license plates and the vehicle registration sticker and inspection sticker had both been altered with fictitious dates. A check of the vehicle by VIN number revealed the registration actually expired in 2007. Joe Bart Cole, 42, of Quitman was arrested and transported to jail. He is charged with wrong/fictitious/altered/obscured vehicle registration.


CID Summary


Captain Miles Tucker obtained an arrest warrant for Michael Jay Murphy for indecency with a child.  The Sheriff’s Office received a report of Mr. Murphy exposing himself in a sexual manner to several children in the area of Holly Lake.  Mr. Murphy was identified and a warrant was issued for his arrest.


On July 23rd the Sheriff’s Office was able to recover property stolen from several vehicles in the Lake Brenda area with the arrest of a juvenile.  The juvenile was reportedly searching mailboxes.  Deputies responded and tracked foot prints to a residence off of Hwy 37.  Investigators were then notified.  Captain Miles Tucker and Sgt. Jacob Richardson conducted a search of the residence.  The search resulted in the recovery of over $5000.00 of stolen property from vehicle burglaries.


On Monday July 21, 2014 I was able to clear a case that was discovered to be a civil matter.  This case involved a woman that found out her son had acquired three credit cards in her name and then ran up a debt of approximately 20K.  this case was discovered to be a civil matter after the investigation showed that the victim had known about the credit cards for approximately 4 months and was allowing her son to pay her back the money owed and when he stopped paying she then filed a report with the sheriff’s office.


CID investigators traveled to the Cove RV Park on Lake Fork and there made contact with a theft suspect.  Investigators questioned the suspect and conducted a consensual search of the home and outbuildings looking for property that had been stolen at a nearby storage building.


On July 24, 2014 I Sgt. Jacob Richardson responded to a private road off of Hwy 14 in Holly Lake area of Wood County to a report of a stabbing.  I learned from the first responding deputy that a man came to a home on the private road and a started a fight with the homes resident.  During the fight the unwanted guest pulled a knife and was disarmed by the home’s resident.  The unwanted guest then charged at the man again and was stabbed with his own knife.  This case is under investigation


Sgt. Josh O’Grady obtained several warrants for forgery.  The suspect reportedly stole checks from a relative then forged his signature on several checks.

Sgt. O’Grady obtained a warrant for criminal mischief after a report of several thousand dollars of damage to a rental property.

Sgt. O’Grady obtained warrants for assault bodily injury after a suspect in the Winnsboro area assaulted two individuals.


 Current Jail Population        110

Males 87                                                                                                                                Females 23

Book-Ins         16

Releases          21