Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

06/20/13 through 6/26/13


June 20

Deputy Austin Cryer was dispatched to the FM 515 bridge at Lake Fork for a dispute. Cryer was advised that a wrecker driver on scene had just towed a vehicle out of the sand and the car’s occupants were refusing to pay for his services.  When the deputy arrived on scene, he found that the wrecker driver had already signed a “promise to pay” agreement with the car’s driver. Cryer advised the female driver that she could face charges for theft of service if she failed to pay as agreed. All parties were released from the scene and the case was closed.


Deputy William Burge took a theft report from a man on CR 3495 who advised that someone had stolen fishing equipment valued at $2,500 off his boat during the overnight hours while it was docked at an open pier across the road from his house. Items missing from the boat include thirteen fishing poles and reels, a Lowrance fish finder, a blue soft side tackle box full of tackle and two St. Croix rods and reels. This case has been forwarded for investigation.


Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to an address on CR 2302 for a burglary of a habitation. The complainant advised that he was last at the residence three weeks earlier and when he arrived on this day he noticed that a window was missing. Closer inspection revealed that the quarter round that held the window in place had been removed and the window placed on the ground. The A/C unit behind the residence had been tampered with and the fan, motor and copper was missing from the unit. The only item missing from inside the residence was a 3’ tall purple Barney stuffed animal. This case is now under investigation.


Deputy Steven Fields took a scam report from a man who resides on FM 2088. The complainant stated that his wife had placed a Craig’s List ad to sell a Jeep top, with no picture, for $200. The complainant received an inquiry via text message from a man who stated he wished to purchase the item, sight unseen, and asked if a business check was acceptable.  When told it was, the man stated that he would send movers to pick up the jeep top and told the complainant the check would include the movers’ fee and asked him to deduct his money and send the remainder to the movers via Western Union. The complainant became suspicious when Fed Ex delivered a check in the amount of $1,800 which was well in excess of the purchase price for the jeep top. The complainant took the check to his bank who advised him the check was fraudulent and recommended he report it. The case has been assigned to an investigator.


Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to a location on FM 14 for a theft report. The complainantstated that approximately $5,000 worth of clothing, with tags still attached, was stolen from a building located behind her residence. Moffett was also advised that the building does not stay locked. Information was recorded regarding individuals who have access to the building and the case was forwarded for continued investigation.


June 21

Deputy Austin Cryer was dispatched to a structure fire on CR 2122 and arrived just after midnight.  Both Winnsboro and Perryville volunteer fire departments were on scene and had thefire almost extinguished when Cryer arrived. The residence was reportedly unoccupied at the time of the blaze and firefighters were unable to ascertain the cause of the fire. The fire marshal was contacted and will be in charge of the investigation from this point on.


Shortly before 3:00 a.m. Deputies Dustin Moffett and Austin Cryer were dispatched to CR 2944 in reference to a man attempting to kick in the front door of a residence. The female complainant was on the phone with dispatch while deputies were en route and was able to give the man’s identity. Deputies arrived to find the door of the residence broken off the hinges and wide open. The complainant advised deputies that her ordeal had begun with an unknown person knocking on her front door. The woman stated she had opened her door and a man who was known to her pushed his way into the residence. The man was obviously upset and began throwing and breaking items in the residence. The complainant ran outside in an attempt to get away from the man but he followed her outside. The woman was able to get back inside the residence and secure the door when the man ran around to the side of the house after being spooked by headlights that he wrongly assumed belong to law enforcement officers. The complainant advised the man then began kicking on the back door until it came open but not before she was able to call 911 for help. The man left the residence and a description of both the man and his vehicle were given to officers when they arrived. Eddie Leon Wyman, 42, of Emory was located at Keys Creek RV Park on CR 2231 and arrested for the offense of burglary of a habitation. He was transported to jail without incident.


Deputy Aaron Warren was dispatched to Firelight Lane at Holly Lake Ranch for a theft. The complainant advised that between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. someone had stolen a 1979 EZ-GO golf cart from a carport behind his residence. The complainant also stated that other valuables in the area were not taken. Warren provided a description of the cart to Holly Lake Security and cleared from the scene. He was contacted by the complainant several hours later and advised that a young male was caught driving the golf cart around and he did not wish to pursue charges but preferred instead to handle the situation with the child’s mother. This case is closed.


Deputy Aaron Warren took a report of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle from a complainant on CR 1500 who stated that her maroon 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe was stolen from her residence sometime during the overnight hours. The complainant also stated that the vehicle was unlocked at the time, but the keys were not left in it. The vehicle was further described as having a missing mirror on the passenger side and a dent in the driver’s door. The case has been assigned to an investigator.


June 22

Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to a residence on CR 3940 for a stolen vehicle report. The complainant stated that he had left home with friends at approximately 6 pm and when he returned home several hours later, discovered that his 2007 Jeep Wrangler was missing. The Jeep was described as being green with a black hard top, with chrome wheels. The complainant advised that the vehicle had been left unlocked with the keys inside.  Also inside the vehicle at the time it was taken was a Smith and Wesson .40 pistol, a black i-Phone 4 and a pair of Ariat work boots. The Jeep was later discovered, unoccupied, upside down in a shallow creek near CR 3440 and CR 3469. Evidence was collected and turned over to the DPS trooper in charge of theaccident scene to be sent to the DPS lab for analysis. The investigation into the stolen vehicle will be conducted by the sheriff’s investigators.


June 23

Deputy Kevin Atkinson took a report of criminal mischief from a complainant who stated that he had been at a party and gotten into an argument with a man who became angry and punched the rear window of the complainant’s vehicle, causing it to shatter.  Atkinson made contact with the other party who stated that he had punched out the window of the vehicle only after he was struck in the face by a beer bottle thrown by the complainant. Levi Wayne Deforrest, 20, of Winnsboro was arrested for the offense of criminal mischief and transported to jail.


Deputy Brad Cates responded to an address on CR 2166 for a disturbance in progress. According to the complainant, her ex-husband had showed up at her house intoxicated and asking to see their children. Due to the man’s intoxication, the woman refused his request at which time he began trying to fight with her new boyfriend. The deputy then spoke with the suspect who had difficulty standing and was slurring his words. The man was unable to produce a driver’s license and a check through dispatch showed that he did not have a valid license.  Jose Isabel Cortez, 26, of Mineola was arrested for public intoxication. He was later also charged with possession of a controlled substance, penalty group one, less than one gram after drugs were found in plain view on the front passenger seat of his car.


June 24

Deputy Steven Fields took a report of Fraudulent Transfer of a Motor Vehicle from an employee of Yantis Federal Credit Union. The woman stated that a customer, who still owed the credit union over $1,500 on a 1992 Ford F250, had sold the pickup to a scrap yard without first obtaining written authorization from the vehicle’s secured creditor. The case is under investigation and in the hands of CID.


Deputy Chris Turner took a report of burglary of a habitation from a woman in the Yantis area who stated that someone had come into her house and stolen approximately $2,000 in change from a container kept in her bedroom. The woman also stated that only family members knew of the container’s existence. Information was recorded regarding a possible suspect and the case was forwarded to CID for investigation.


June 25

Deputy Chris Turner took a burglary of a habitation report from a woman at an address on CR 4192. The woman stated that she had left her residence at 9 a.m. and returned at 2:00 p.m. to find that someone had entered her home and removed several items including approximately $30 in loose change, DVDs, and a Panasonic camera/recorder. Information was obtained regarding a possible suspect and Deputy Turner, along with Sgt. Investigator Brian Andrews, made contact with the person of interest, who denied involvement. Investigators will continue to work the case.


Deputy Josh O’Grady took a theft report via phone from a woman who stated that her purse was taken from the activity center at Holly Lake Ranch. The woman also stated that the pursecontained numerous credit cards, her driver’s license, debit card and other personal items at the time it was taken. This case is still under investigation.


June 26

Deputy David Hitt took a theft report from a man on CR 1941 who stated that he believed someone had come onto his property in the overnight hours and siphoned gasoline from his truck. The man also advised that he did not see or hear anything. Photographs were taken at the scene and the case has been assigned to an investigator.


Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to Texas Twister Gymnastics in the Mineola area for a report of burglary of a vehicle. The complainant stated that someone had busted out her passenger side front window and taken her purse. At the time it was taken, the purse reportedly contained the woman’s driver’s license, social security card, a bottle of perfume, children’s shot records and approximately $10 in cash. The case has been turned over to the criminal investigations division for the development of leads.


Deputy Brad Cates was dispatched to a location on CR 2430 for an assault. The complainant stated that she had been assaulted by a woman whose mother is currently incarcerated. The suspect had been speaking with her mother on the phone and became upset and demanded that the complainant go get her mother out of jail. The complainant was attacked by the woman when she told her that she could not get her mother out of jail. Shelby Elayne Adams, 17, of Mineola was arrested for the offense of injury to elderly and transported to jail without incident.



CID Summary

On June 26, 2013 Sgt. Jacob Richardson obtained an arrest warrant for Robin Adams of Mineola for theft of property $1,500 - $20,000 stemming from a report filed by a family member. Robin was arrested for the warrant in Mineola and taken to the Wood County Jail.


On June 27, 2013 Captain Miles Tucker and Sgt. Jacob Richardson came into contact with Mr. Robert G. Pickle of Mineola on CR 2100. Mr. Pickle was found to be in possession of drugs and destroyed the evidence by fighting with deputies and swallowing the drugs. Mr. Pickle was quickly subdued and arrested. Mr. Pickle was charged with resisting arrest and tampering with physical evidence.


Call Summary

911 Hang up (1)

Accident Minor (1)

Agency Assist (11)

Alarm (12)

Animal Bite (1)

Animal General (1)

Assault (4)

Assault by Contact (1)

Bridge Jumpers (1)

Burglary of a Habitation (5)

Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (2)

Child Abuse (9)

Child Custody (1)

Child Endangerment (1)

Civil (6)

Cows Out (2)

Credit Card Abuse (1)

Criminal Mischief (8)

Criminal Trespass (3)

Cruelty of Animals (2)

Debris (1)

Dispute (6)

Disturbance (5)

Dog Problem (5)

Driving While License Invalid (1)

Dumping (2)

Fraud (2)

Funeral Escort (1)

Harassment (2)

Horses Out (2)

Incident (11)

Inquest (2)

Lost Property (1)

Mental (2)

Missing Person (1)

Noise Disturbance (6)

Other (2)

Overdose (1)

Phone Harassment (8)

Possession of Controlled Substance (1)

Public Nuisance (1)

Request to Speak to Officer (13)

Scam (2)

Shots Fired (1)

Stolen Property (1)

Stolen Vehicle (2)

Structure Fire (2)

Suspicious Activity (9)

Suspicious Person (9)

Suspicious Vehicle (4)

Terroristic Threat (2)

Theft (10)

Traffic Stop (4)

Transport (4)

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle (1)

Violation of Protective Order (1)

Warrants (2)

Welfare Check (8)


Total Calls208


Call Summary by Area

Alba  30



Quitman   47

Winnsboro   18

Yantis  25


Current Jail Population