Wood County authorities and the DEA are investigating the manufacture of meth at a residence near Hawkins.

According to the Wood County Sheriff's Report, released Tuesday, on April 15, Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office visited a home off CR 3900 to follow up on leads regarding stolen property at the location. Once at the home, Deputies presented a written consent to search form which was then signed by the homeowner. Authorities say the homeowner was cooperative with investigators and pointed out property in the home that she stated had been brought to her home by several other men who were suspects in multiple burglaries and thefts in the area. During the search of the home, investigators began to locate the precursors to methamphetamine within the kitchen area of the home. First noticed were bottles of unknown liquids, coffee filters and rock salt. Investigators then discovered a 20 ounce bottle in the pantry with liquid inside. This bottle was being used to manufacture the methamphetamine.

The DEA Tyler office was contacted as well as Texas DPS Narcotic agents. Investigator Richardson took possession of the bottle and transported it to the DPS Tyler lab after it was deemed safe by the agents. The product weighed approximately 5-8 ounces which is a very significant amount of methamphetamine.

The investigation continues into parties involved with the manufacturing of the methamphetamine and the stolen property recovered. The Sheriff's Office says additional arrests are anticipated.