An investigation is ongoing and an arrest has been made regarding a string of burglaries in the Lake Hawkins area.

According to the Wood County Sheriff's Office, on Friday April 12, 2013 Captain Miles Tucker and Sgt. Jacob Richardson went to the area of Lake Hawkins and began to patrol the area due to a large number of thefts and burglaries. The deputies came in contact with Mr. Stacy Wood who was witnessed dumping trash from his truck into the woods near the lake. Mr. Wood was contacted by the two deputies and detained for the illegal dumping. Wood consented to a vehicle search and upon that search, stolen property was located.

Wood was arrested for illegal dumping and transported to the Wood County Jail. Wood’s vehicle was also transported to the Sheriff’s Office so that the investigation into the stolen property could continue. Wood was questioned by investigators and it was determined that other accomplices had joined Wood in stealing game cameras, hunting, fishing and camping equipment from several areas around Lake Hawkins. Other property was located that matches property stolen from several residential burglaries as well.

On April 13, Wood was charged with theft by possession and on April 17, Wood was charged with burglary of a building.

More charges are expected in this case as well as warrants on other persons involved.