Sheriff’s Report

02/07/13 through 2/13/13


February 7

Lt. Robert Holland along with Deputies Aaron Warren and Donivan South were dispatched to a location on FM 1801 in the Mineola area in reference to an assault. The deputies were met by a woman standing in the roadway who claimed to have been assaulted by her husband.  Minutes before the assault call came in from the woman, her husband had called the Sheriff’s Office requesting assistance in making the woman leave the residence due to an argument between the two. The man denied assaulting his wife and despite her insistence that she had proof, none was ever provided. No arrests were made and the parties were advised to separate until they calmed down.


Deputy David Hitt was dispatched to a rural business east of Quitman in response to a verbal disturbance stemming from reported reckless driving. Upon his arrival, Deputy Hitt was advised by two separate complainants that they had both witnessed a third man driving recklessly in Upshur and Wood County. Neither of the complainants wished to file charges at the time but advised they would be willing to give sworn statements of the events should authorities have problems with the suspect in the future. The suspected reckless driver was given a verbal warning and released.


Other calls on this day include reports of an abandoned box trailer at the roadside park near Alba; reports of an abandoned vehicle on Fouke Water property; assist DPS with a 2 vehicle, weather-related accident; four separate alarm calls; attempt to locate an ATV on the roadway; 2 civil calls regarding spouse and child custody issues; 2 calls regarding cows out; 2 calls in reference to dog problems (strays); one cruelty of animals call; a call regarding criminal mischief; one call in reference to phone harassment; one request to speak to an officer; one call each in reference to suspicious activity and suspicious person; two terroristic threats; one traffic stop; a vehicle blocking the roadway and two persons arrested on outstanding warrants.


February 8

Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to a residence on FM 49 in the Mineola area in reference to an identity theft. The complainant became suspicious after he attempted to open a credit account with an online retailer only to be told he already had an open account with them. An account representative gave the complainant the name of the person using his social security number but would not divulge any additional information. Deputy Richardson completed an incident report to be kept on file at the Sheriff’s Office and also advised the man to report the identity theft online at


Deputy Josh O’Grady took a telephone report of lost property from a man who stated that he had lost a large, black tool box out of the back of his pickup when he left his parents home in the Yantis area. He further stated that he was unaware of the incident until he was flagged down by a fellow motorist several miles later. A check of the roadway did not turn up the toolbox. An incident report was made and filed in the event the tool box or contents show up later.


Investigator Carolyn Tanner took a report from a walk-in complainant who advised that money had been stolen from her purse. The woman also stated that this is not the first time it has happened and she has a suspect in mind. The suspect’s information was given to Investigator Tanner, a case was opened and the investigation will continue.


Deputy O’Grady was dispatched to a residence on CR 4730 in the Winnsboro area in reference to criminal trespass of a habitation. The complainant advised that she believes a female, who is known to her, had committed the offense. The woman further stated that she had been having ongoing problems with the suspect female and had recently had a Criminal Trespass Warning issued to the woman for the property and when she had arrived home today found garbage scattered about the house and two windows were cracked and broken. Photographs were taken at the scene and placed with the case file.


Deputy Bradley Armendariz was dispatched to a residence on CR 1590 in the Alba area in reference to a dispute. The complainant advised that she and a neighbor had been having trouble with a third neighbor’s dogs coming onto their property. In an effort to prevent the dogs coming onto her property, the complainant, with permission from her neighbor, had constructed a fence to block the dogs’ access to the property. The woman further advised that the dogs’ owner had torn down the fence and evidence was provided to back up the accusation. This case is under investigation.


Deputy Armendariz took a missing person report from a woman on CR 1895 in the Quitman area who stated that she had last seen her husband when he left for work the previous day and numerous attempts to contact him by cell phone were unsuccessful. The woman provided a description of the man but was unable to provide numbers for any of the man’s friends or place or employment. This case was turned over to CID for investigation but later closed when it was determined the man had filed for divorce the day he was reported missing.


Other calls on this day include a 911 hang up call; an alarm call in the Mineola area; a report of child abuse; 2 cases of criminal trespass; two calls of dog problems in the Winnsboro area; two reports of harassment; one smoke investigation in the Quitman area; a report of golf carts driving on county roads; a report of a suspicious vehicle driving without lights; and one person arrested on an outstanding warrant.


February 9

Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to a location of FM 1801 in the Mineola area in reference to a theft of copper. Examination of the area revealed one span of aluminum wire and four spans of copper wire to be missing from lines owned by SWEPCO. Photos were taken and evidence collected from the scene and the case has been referred to CID for continued investigation.


Deputy Chris Turner arrested Samuel Nevarez, 20, of Mineola for possession of marijuana, less than two ounces after finding Mr. Nevarez asleep behind the wheel of a car stopped at a green light in the Mineola area. Mr. Nevarez admitted ownership of the marijuana, plainly visible in the car’s console, and was subsequently arrested and transported to jail.


Deputy Bradley Armendariz initiated a traffic stop on SH 154 west of Quitman. After making contact with the driver of the vehicle, Deputy Armendariz detected a strong odor of alcohol emanating from within the vehicle. The driver, who was only able to produce an ID card, admitted to having consumed alcohol. Control of the traffic stop was then turned over to a DPS trooper who administered standard field sobriety tests before transporting the driver to the jail for further testing. Neil Thames, 53, of Quitman was arrested for driving while intoxicated, first offense, and no driver’s license. Thames was also issued a written warning for defective equipment which was the basis for the traffic stop.


Deputy William Burge responded to a rental property off FM 14 in the Hawkins area in reference to a possible abandoned child. Upon his arrival, Deputy Burge was met by the home’s landlords who informed him that they had been at the home attempting to locate a water leak and after unsuccessfully searching the outside of the home had knocked on the door in an attempt to gain admittance. No one answered the door but a small child was observed walking around inside the home. The landlords then opened the door and yelled for an adult several times without results. Concerned for the safety of the child, they then called the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Burge also attempted to bring someone to the door by knocking loudly several times but was unsuccessful. Burge was able to see a small, female child sitting in a car seat inside the residence and made entry. While the landlords took over care of the child, Deputy Burge searched the residence and located a woman sleeping in the bedroom. Repeated attempts to awaken the woman were unsuccessful and EMS was called to the scene. EMS was eventually able to awaken the woman though she remained disoriented and confused. It was determined that the woman was babysitting the child while her mother was out of town. At the mother’s request, care of the child was turned over to the landlords as the babysitter appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Child Protective Services was notified and will investigate.


Other calls on this day include an EMS assist in the Quitman area; a residential alarm call; a report of several animals shot and dumped on the side of the road; ATV on the roadway; cows out in the Quitman area; two cruelty of animal calls; two reports of suspicious activity in the Winnsboro and Yantis area; a report of suspicious vehicle in the Quitman area; three welfare checks and two persons arrested on outstanding warrants.


February 10

Deputy Josh O’Grady took a report of a copper theft from a pump site on CR 4990. The complainant advised that copper was missing from two separate areas at that location. Photographs were taken at the scene and placed with the case file to be forwarded to CID for further investigation.


Deputy Bradley Armendariz was dispatched to a location on CR 1584 in the Lake Fork area in reference to a possible cruelty to animals. The complainant stated that he had earlier gone outside his residence and called his dog so they could go running. The dog came running to the complainant from the direction of a neighbor’s home. After completing their run, the dog began having convulsions and died a short time later. The complainant went to his neighbor’s home where he located a mound of rat poison next to a rat trap and collected a sample of the suspected poison with the intention of taking it and the dog to the vet for autopsy. Photos were taken of the deceased dog as well as the suspected poison and placed with the case file to be forwarded to investigators.


Deputy Chris Turner took a report of a criminal trespass of a habitation from a residence on CR 2906. Upon his arrival, Deputy Turner was advised by the complainant that he had awakened in the early morning hours to find his young son standing at the bedside crying and his estranged wife, who was not supposed to be on the property, standing across the bed holding their daughter. A female acquaintance, who was spending the night, stated that she was awakened by a female screaming at them and noticed a small child in the room as well. The female further stated that she and the complainant had been alone in the home when they went to bed the previous night. The complainant expressed concern for his children’s safety due to recent actions by their mother and stated that he did wish to pursue criminal trespass charges against his estranged wife. The case has been forwarded to CID for continued investigation.


Other calls on this day include one residential alarm; one report of an assault on a security officer in the Hawkins area; one burglary of a building; a call of cows out in the Mineola area; a criminal mischief call in the Hawkins area stemming from kids throwing rocks; a report of a mattress in the roadway; two inquest calls in the Quitman and Alba areas; 2 calls of shots fired; a suspicious person call in the Hawkins area and two unsuccessful attempts at warrant service.


February 11


Deputy Donivan South took a report from a walk-in complainant in reference to a theft of service. The complainant advised that he is a fishing guide and had provided a full day fishing trip for a man who paid him with a check but later placed a “stop payment” on the check. Attempts by the guide to resolve the issue himself had been unsuccessful.  Investigators with the Criminal Investigation Division will work the case from this point forward.


Deputy Aaron Warren took a report from a man at a residence on CR 2560 in the Mineola area in reference to a theft. The man advised that a male and female had been visiting at his house when he got into a verbal altercation with the female causing him to leave his residence. When he returned, he noticed that the interior of the home was in disarray and damaged and multiple items were missing. Deputy Warren photographed the home’s damage and the case was forwarded to CID for further investigation.


Investigator Jacob Richardson took a report from a man who stated that items had been stolen from a rental property he owned in the Alba area. The man further explained that a renter had just moved out of the house when the items were discovered missing. In addition to items stolen, there was also extensive damage to the inside of the home. Photographs of the home’s interior were taken along with the renter’s name. This case is still under investigation.


Lt. Robert Holland took a report from a walk-in complainant in reference to violation of a protective order. The complainant advised that she had obtained an order of protection in June 2011 and the subject of that order had been sending her text messages. The complainant provided a copy of the protective order as well as a print out of the text messages. A case was opened and passed on to CID for investigation.


Deputy Warren took a report from a man on CR 1906 in the Yantis area in reference to an aggravated assault. The complainant stated that he had advertised a truck for sale online and had gotten a call from a male who wished to purchase the truck. The prospective buyer, and a female companion, showed up at the complainant’s house with a trailer on which to load the pickup. After loading the truck onto the trailer, the buyer informed the complainant that he needed to look at the pickup’s title and the title was handed to the female passenger. The man and woman then attempted to leave the scene without paying for the pickup and when the complainant jumped on the trailer in an effort to prevent them leaving, the driver allegedly stopped the vehicle, exited, and pointed a small revolver at the complainant. The man and woman were then allowed to leave the residence. This case is under active investigation by CID.


Deputy Bradley Aremendariz was on routine patrol in the Yantis area when a male pedestrian attempted to “thumb” a ride. The deputy made contact with the man and noticed he had a strong smell of alcohol and had difficulty with his balance. The man’s speech was also slurred to the point of being difficult to understand. Nail Thames, 53, of Quitman, was arrested for public intoxication and transported to jail.


Other calls on this day include a report of an abandoned box trailer; an alarm call in the Yantis area; a report of a cat attacking other animals in the Quitman area; a burglary of a mobile home in the Mineola area; one report of child abuse; 2 reports of criminal mischief; a dog problem in the Yantis area; a fraud report; two requests to speak with an officer; one report of sexual assault of a child and one report of a terroristic threat.


February 12

Deputy Kevin Atkinson took a report of a burglary of a habitation in the Mineola area. The complainant advised that his home had twice been broken into and items, including game systems, had been stolen. Photographs were taken at the scene including the point of entry and CID investigators will work the case from this point.


Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to CR 4849 in the Winnsboro area in reference to a theft. Upon his arrival, the deputy was informed by the complainant that he had asked an acquaintance of his not to come around the property anymore and the acquaintance became upset, grabbed some items, placed them in his truck and left the location. The deputy took photographs at the scene including the location from where the items were taken. This case has been forwarded for investigation.


Deputy Atkinson took a report from a man on a private road in the Winnsboro area who stated that he had returned home after several days’ absence to discover several lengths and gauges of multi strand copper wire had been stolen. He further stated that he had stopped at a local scrap yard and inquired if anyone at that location had seen any wire matching the description of his stolen wire. According to the complainant, the owner had first told him yes but later recanted and said no, and when the complainant returned home a few hours later, he found that several scrap lengths of wire had been returned. Information was provided to the deputy concerning two individuals the complainant felt may be responsible. The case, along with the evidence collected from the scene, has been forwarded to investigators for continued investigation.


Lt. Robert Holland took a report of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle from the owner of a transport company in the Hawkins area. The complainant stated that one of their drivers had taken a company truck and trailer without permission. The complainant further stated that due to the truck being equipped with GPS, she was able to determine that the truck was traveling toward Louisiana. Approximately two hours later, the complainant called to report that the truck in question had been returned with no noticeable damage. Case closed.


Other calls on this day include a 911 hang up from an address in the Quitman area; one agency assist with a car that slid off the roadway; a report of an injured horse in the Mineola area; two reports of cows out; a dispute in the Hawkins area; three calls related to dog problems; one report of a fraudulent check; two calls related to mental issues; one missing person; one noise disturbance; one report of phone harassment; two reports of suspicious activity; one terroristic threat; a theft in the Golden area and a welfare check in the Mineola area.


February 13

Deputy Austin Cryer took a report from a woman who stated that she had been assaulted at a residence on a private road in the Mineola area. According to the woman, she had been assaulted by her brother following a dispute involving the family dog. The woman advised that she did wish to pursue charges against her brother and would be staying with a sister until she could find another place to live. A case was opened and all evidence transferred to CID for investigation.


Deputy Bradley Armendariz was dispatched to a residence inside Holiday Villages in the Quitman area in reference to a report of harassment. The complainant stated that he has been having trouble with another man in the neighborhood stemming from a dispute over a woman. According to the complainant, the other man was sending emails and leaving voicemails that made no sense. The suspect in this case was warned earlier in the year to cease contact with the complainant after deputies were called to the scene but had apparently chosen not to heed the warning. The case will be worked by investigators from this point on.


Other calls on this day include a call to assist Mineola Volunteer Fire Department with a baby locked in a car; a report of ATV’s on the roadway in the Alba area; two calls regarding cows out in the Quitman area; two reports of criminal trespass; three calls reporting dog problems; two calls of horses out; one call to investigate a strange odor; one call involving a mental patient; two reports of phone harassment; three reports of theft; one traffic stop; two unsuccessful warrant service and one person taken in to custody on an outstanding warrant.


CID Summary

Investigator Jacob Richardson closed several cases this week including two criminal mischief cases and one theft case. Richardson also closed out an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle case from 2012 after determining the car had been repossessed by a finance company.

Investigator Brian Andrews closed several cases including two theft cases and was able to return recovered stolen property to its rightful owner. Andrews was also able to obtain two arrest warrants in a recent assault case. Investigator Andrews also serves as the training coordinator for the Sheriff’s Office, which is a contract training facility for sheriff’s office personnel and other law enforcement agencies within Wood County and surrounding counties.


Call Summary

911 Hang-up                                                    2

Abandoned Vehicle                                     3

Accident Minor                                                1

Alarm                                                               8

Animal General                                               4

Assault                                                 2

Assault by Contact                                                1

ATV on Roadway                                              3

Burglary of a Building                                    1

Burglary of a Habitation                                 2

Child Abuse                                                     2

Civil                                                                           6

Cows Out                                                        8

Credit Card Abuse                                      2

Criminal Mischief                                               5

Criminal Trespass                                               8

Cruelty of Animals                                                4

Debris                                                              1

Dispute                                                 2

Disturbance                                                      1

Dog Problem                                                    11

Fraud                                                               1

Harassment                                                      3

Horses Out                                                       2

Identity Theft                                                    1

Indecency                                                         1

Information                                                       2

Inquest                                                             3

Juvenile Transport                                             1

Juvenile Dispute                                     1

Lost Property                                                   1

Mental                                                              5

Missing Person                                     2

Noise Disturbance                                          1

Overdose                                                         1

Phone Harassment                                          5

Possession of Marijuana                                 1

Public Intoxication                                           1

Reckless Driver                                                1

Request to Speak with Officer              3

Scam                                                                1

Sexual Assault of a Child                                 1

Shots Fired                                                       2

Smoke Investigation                                         1

Suspicious Activity                                     7

Suspicious Person                                      2

Suspicious Vehicle                                     3

Terroristic Threat                                      3

Theft                                                                10

Theft of Copper                                                4

Traffic Stop                                                      9

Transport                                                         1

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle             1

Vehicle Blocking Roadway                                  1

Violation of Protective Order                           1

Warrants                                                          10

Welfare Check                                     5


Total Calls                                                      178

Call Summary by Area

Alba              26

Hawkins            27

Mineola            41

Quitman               40

Winnsboro               21

Yantis              23


Current Jail Population            81

Males               69

Females           12

Bookings            33

Releases            38