Released by the Wood County Sheriff's Department

Wood County Sheriffs Department

Report for publication – week of January 14

After a relatively quiet start to the year, the new Sheriff’s deputies have been busy answering calls for service.

January 4

Deputy Aaron Warren was dispatched to FM 2966 in the Yantis area in reference to a call reporting found property. Deputy Warren arrived to find a Yamaha ATV abandoned on the side of the roadway. The caller advised the ATV had been at the location for the majority of the day with no owner in sight. After failing to find a serial number on the ATV, Deputy Warren notified J & J Wrecker who removed the ATV for the purpose of preventing theft.

Lt. Robert Holland met with Wood County Clerk Kelly Price who advised Lt. Holland of some fraudulent court documents that had been filed with her office. The documents came to Price’s attention after she was contacted by a local landowner who became suspicious after her royalty checks did not arrive as they always had. Lt. Holland met with the landowner, took a statement and obtained a sample signature for comparison purposes. This case has been resolved and closed.

January 5

Deputy David Hitt was dispatched to a residence in Mineola to speak to a complainant about an assault that occurred previously at a residence on FM 1254 in the Mineola area. The complainant advised that he had been assaulted by an individual known to him and had visible injuries. Although originally stating he wished to press charges against his assaulter, the complainant later changed his mind and signed an affidavit of non-prosecution.

Lt. Robert Holland was dispatched to self storage units located on FM 778 in the Quitman area. Lt. Holland met with an individual who rents one of the units and she advised him that she had received a call from the owner of the facility who advised her that it appeared her unit had been burglarized. After a cursory examination of the unit, it was determined that while the contents had been moved, nothing appeared to be missing and the lock was found inside the unit. Lt. Holland checked the entire premises and found more evidence to support a burglary having actually occurred. Evidence was collected at the scene and the investigation will continue.

January 6

Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to CR 2450 in the Mineola area in reference to a terroristic threat. The complainant advised Deputy Richardson that she had been receiving repeated calls from multiple numbers recruiting her to participate in a sweepstakes. She further advised that after she continued to refuse, the male caller made threatening statements prompting her to call 911. Deputy Richardson was able to recover multiple numbers from the complainant’s phone. The complainant’s son was also at the residence and advised Deputy Richardson that he has blocked some of the numbers and called many of the numbers in an attempt to learn where the calls were originating from. Most of the calls were simply answered by automated messages but he was able to have a conversation with a person at one of the numbers and since that time, the calls have stopped.

Lt. Robert Holland met with a female complainant at the Sheriff’s Office. The complainant stated that she had been assaulted by her common law husband at a location on CR 4925 near the Forest Hill community. The complainant was provided with a crime victim notification packet, and assisted with a protective order application. Lt. Holland later arrested Brandon Lee Caldwell, 31, of Quitman on a charge of assault causes bodily injury. Case closed.

January 7

Deputy Bradley Armendariz was dispatched to CR 3220 in the Quitman area in reference to an assault. The complainant advised Deputy Armanderiz her mother had pushed her causing her to fall to the floor. The complainant further stated that she did not wish to pursue any charges. After speaking to both parties, Deputy Armanderiz decided not to separate the mother/daughter pair as both parties were calm and the threat of further violence was not present.

Deputy Austin Cryer was dispatched to a location on Hwy 154 east of Quitman. Upon his arrival, Deputy Cryer was advised by the property owner that she had recently forced her tenant to vacate the premises due to non-payment of rent. She further stated that the tenant took property that belonged to her when he moved out and that the tenant had also caused damage to the dead bolts and door locks. Photographs were taken at the scene and the case has been forwarded to CID for further investigation.

January 8

Deputy Cryer took a report from a Quitman woman who advised that she had received a bill from a company with which she has no account. The caller had already taken steps to determine an identity theft had occurred and made several calls to report it. Deputy Cryer advised her to also report it to the Credit Bureau.

Deputy Chris turner was dispatched to a location on Hwy 154 west of Quitman in reference to a stolen vehicle. The complainant advised that he had stopped at that location, gone inside the business, and when he came back out some time later, noticed his truck was missing. Deputy Turner gathered the information necessary to enter the stolen vehicle in the TCIC/NCIC database. The stolen vehicle was later recovered abandoned on CR 1978 in the same general vicinity from which it was stolen and returned to the owner. Case closed.

January 9

Lt. Robert Holland responded to ETMC Quitman Emergency Room in reference to a dog bite. Upon his arrival, Lt. Holland met with the mother of the 11 month old male child who had been bitten in the face by a dog owned by a family member. The dog’s owner was able to provide vaccination papers. Lt. Holland took possession of the dog and placed it in quarantine.

Deputy Donivan Smith took a report of medication theft that occurred from a mailbox at a residence in the Mineola area.

Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to a residence on CR 2117 in the Quitman area in reference to a terroristic threat. After speaking with both parties involved, Deputy Richardson determined the incident to be a dispute among neighbors, neither of which wished to pursue charges or cause further problems.

January 10

Lt. Robert Holland responded to an address in Holiday Villages in the Lake Fork area in reference to an assault. The female complainant stated that she had been pushed by her husband. Lt. Holland spoke with the husband who admitted shoving his wife after an argument. The complainant later advised Lt. Holland she did not wish to pursue charges as she was only shoved and no other assault had occurred.

Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to CR 4940 in the Winnsboro area in reference to a copper theft. Deputy South was advised by an employee of Wood County Electric that the company had been notified of some low hanging power lines and when he arrived to check the lines he discovered that about 3,000 ft of copper wire had been stolen. This case has been forwarded to CID for continued investigation.

Deputy Aaron Warren was dispatched to CR 2695 near the Salesmanship Club Youth Camp in reference to a copper theft. Deputy Warren was advised by an employee of Wood County Electric that about 2,100 ft of copper wire had been stolen. This case has been forwarded to CID and suspects have been identified.In addition to the routine calls being answered by deputies, the CID investigators have been hard at work on new cases and have spent the last two weeks re-visiting past cases. The Wood County Sheriffs Department and the office of Wood County District Attorney, Jim Wheeler are working closely to resolve a number of issues that have been and are currently pending.

Call Summary:


          911 Hang-up                                               2

          Abandoned Vehicle                                     1

          Agency Assist                                             9

          Alarm                                                          7

          Animal General                                 2

          Assault                                              6

          Assault by Contact                                     1

          ATV on Roadway                                       1

          Burglary of Building                                   3

          Burglary of Habitation                     6

          Burglary of Motor Vehicle                         1

          Child Abuse                                                4

          Child Custody                                             4

          CPS                                                   1

          Civil                                                   9

          Cows Out                                         9

          Criminal Mischief                                      6

          Criminal Trespass                                     7

          Deadly Conduct                               1

          Disorderly Conduct                                   2

          Dispute                                             6

          Disturbance                                               1

          Dog Bite                                           1

          Dog Problem                                             14

          Dumping                                           1

          Evading Arrest                                 1

          Fireworks                                        2       

          Fleet Accident                                            1

          Found Property                                3

          Fraud                                                         2

          Harassment                                               1

          Horses Out                                       5

          Hospice Death                                           1

          Identity Theft                                             2

          Incident                                            1

          Information                                                5

          Inquest                                                       3

          Intoxicated Person                                     1

          Juvenile Dispute                               1

          Medication Theft                             1

          Mental                                                        3

          Noise Disturbance                                     6

          Open Door                                       1

          Other                                                          1

Pedestrian in Roadway                    1

          Phone Harassment                                    3

          Prowler                                            1

          Reckless Driver                               1

          Request to Speak with Officer                  1

          Scam                                                 4

          Sex Offender                                              1

          Sexual Assault                                           1

          Sexual Assault of a Child                          1

          Suspicious Activity                                     5

          Suspicious Person                                      1

          Suspicious Vehicle                                     5

          Terroristic Threat                                     6

          Theft                                                 6

          Traffic Stop                                               5

          Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle       3

          Warrants                                          1

          Welfare Checks                               4

Total Call for Service                                       202