January is Literacy Awareness Month.

The Literacy Council of Tyler is asking East Texans to join the battle against illiteracy in East Texas. Council officials say over the past two decades, LCOT has made huge strides within the East Texas community, growing from a handful of 30 students to almost 2,400 in 2012. According to LCOT, illiteracy and under-education are real problems that have the power to impact every aspect of living, from the economy to unemployment rates and levels of crime. Tyler and its surrounding communities have remained among the best in the nation in this regard, in part because of organizations like LCOT.

In partnership with Tyler Junior College, Literacy Council of Tyler provides free GED preparation, English as a Second Language instruction and basic literacy instruction.

Literacy Council of Tyler relies on over 300 volunteers each year to carry out its mission in East Texas. Volunteers provide two-thirds of the face-to-face contact time given to LCOT students.

To become a volunteer, make a donation or share LCOT with someone in need. For more information, please contact LCOT’s main office at 903-533-0330 or visit www.lcotyler.org