Wood County authorities are investigating $6,000 of stolen money designated to Mineola Caring & Sharing.

The cash, along with a laptop, was stolen Monday from Wood County Asphalt on CR 2670 in the Mineola area.

“When I came into work Monday morning I noticed the window in my office had been completely removed from the window frame,” said Randy Johnson. “My file cabinet I keep locked up was open and the envelope I had the money in was gone.”

The money was collected as a yearly collaborative effort with local businesses to donate to Mineola Caring & Sharing.

“We buy things, raffle them off and resell them,” said Johnson. “The money we make we take and put into caring & Sharing.”

Johnson said this would not deter Wood County Asphalt from donating to the organization this year.

“We still have volunteers. They are digging deeper into their pockets.”

The Mineola Caring & Sharing Radio Auction can be heard this Saturday morning on KMOO.

Authorities are still searching for a person of interest in the theft.