Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, along with emergency responders in the region, will hold an emergency preparedness drill tonight at 10:30 p.m., near the commercial terminal area.  

Activities associated with the drill may resemble an actual emergency, but are only for training purposes. Airport passengers will be notified that even though a number of emergency vehicles and personnel will be in the area, it is only a training drill.

“It’s extremely important that the City of Tyler and emergency responders from the region perform these types of training exercises at the airport,” said Airport Manager Davis Dickson. “We want to be proactive and prepare for any scenario that can occur. Adding elements of realism in full scale drills enhances the training.”

The drill is planned to simulate damage from a tornado passing over the airport. It is expected that emergency responders will come from a number of counties in East Texas to take part in this exercise, as nearly 40 organizations are participating in a three-day regional drill this week.

Objectives of the exercise will include airport familiarization, tactical response, security response and communication assessments.