Van Zandt County continues this week hosting a 72-hour around the clock full scale exercise.

This exercise encompossases responders from the East Texas Council of Governments region as well as Emergency Medical Service personnel out of the North Central Texas Council of Governments.


Some of the scenarios that began Tuesday include:

Active Shooter (involving explosives and chemical/biological) Scenario on the First Monday Grounds (Tuesday Morning 11/06)

Mass Casualty Scenario on the First Monday Grounds (tornado scenario) (Wednesday Morning 11/07)

Active Shooter (involving explosives and chemical/biological) Scenario at the Van Zandt County Courthouse (Thursday Evening 11/08)

Heavy Lifting and Extrication (all three days)Hazardous Material Incident in Grand Saline (Tuesday Evening 11/06)

Wide Area Wooded Search (all three days)

Impending Dam Breach on Lake Tawakoni (Wednesday and Thursday)

Residential Search (Hide Away Lake, Smith County)

High Angle/Below Grade Rescue (Lindale, Smith County)

Collapsed Structure Scenario (Lindale, Smith County)


“These incidents, particularly the Active Shooter events and the Mass Casualty will involved many emergency responders to effectively manage the incident,” said Van Zandt County Emergency Response Coordinator Chuck Allen. “The Mass Casualty incident will also serve to the test the Hospital Emergency Action Plans in East Texas with surge capacity.”

The patients in the mass casualty will actually be transported to hospitals either by ground or by air. Multiple EMS ground and air agencies will be participating.

The multi day exercise, involving 400 to 500 participants will test many areas of emergency management and medical response.