Released by Lindale ISD

Lindale High School has received the 2012 College Readiness Award from the Texas ACT Council for increasing the number of students taking the ACT Assessment over the past five years and significantly increasing the school’s level of achievement and college readiness.

Lindale High School is one of only 170 high schools in Texas to receive the honor. The ACT Assessment is the college admissions test that is used and accepted by colleges nationwide and throughout Texas. In 2012, 114 Lindale High School students took the ACT compared to 70 in 2008. LHS also made significant gains in the number of students meeting the college readiness benchmark. In 2012, 82 percent of LHS students met the benchmark for English compared to 61percent for the state. In math, 68 percent of LHS students met the benchmark, notably higher than the state average of 48 percent. Fifty-seven percent of LHS students met the benchmark in reading compared to 48 percent for the state, and 37 percent in science compared to 29 percent for the state.

In 2008, LHS students achieved an average ACT score of 20.2. The average increased to 22.4 in 2012.

“We are proud of this achievement,” Lindale High School Principal Casey Neal said. “Over the past few years, we examined our college readiness initiatives and found that we could improve as a campus in that area. Our teachers, counselors and administrators have done an excellent job in helping our students prepare for and advance to collegiate careers. Our goal is to continue to increase our numbers.”

“This can only happen as a result of the high school’s faculty and staff efforts and the dedication of Lindale High School students and parents to focus on college and career readiness and raise the level of academic readiness for all students,” said Assistant Vice President and ACT Southwest Regional manager Karen L. Pennell.