An 82-year-old Edgewood resident lost his home Friday night in a fire that was started while lighting the home’s heater.

Edgewood and Fruitvale fire departments responded to the blaze off of Highway 80W just after 5 p.m. in Edgewood.

The owner, Mr. Whitaker, was preparing to rent the home out to guests for the weekend when he lit the heater unaware the gas had been turned on and his home was engulfed in flames. Whitaker currently resides at another home but does own the house that burned. Whitaker said that he uses the home to rent as a vacation home. Whitaker had vacationers lined up to stay at the home the weekend it burned.

Mr. Whitaker also noted that he buried his wife the weekend prior to this incident and explained how life has its own agenda and he is thankful to have survived the fire.

Whitaker escaped the home uninjured but was shaken up.


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