In anticipation of New Years, firework stands are open for business in the area and increasing sales daily as the new year approaches.

According to the staff at Renfro’s fireworks off of Highway 80 outside Mineola, sales have been up this year compared to last and they are awaiting New Years Eve, a day in which 90% of their profit is usually made. All four Renfro’s locations in the area will be open until midnight on New Years day and open as late as the customers keep coming on nights prior. With the recent rain in the area the staff at Renfro’s says business has picked up in the past couple of days.

While a burn ban does still exist in Rains County there is not one in other surrounding counties and fireworks will be allowed outside of city limits in counties without a ban. Fire Marshall’s have been making their rounds to stands in the area to ensure compliance with state laws. Several laws include the age requirement; you must be 16 to buy and if you are under 16 you must be accompanied by a parent if you in store. Fireworks may not be set off in close proximity to churches or the firework stands themselves.

The National Council on Fireworks promotes safety and caution over this holiday season.




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